Dummies: Celebrities Who Need Their Cell Phones Taken Away

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Celebrities Who Need Their Cell Phones Taken Away

We understand the benefits of cell phones. Clearly, everyone in the world pretty much has one it seems. But for some celebrities, it seems to cost them a ton of money and embarrassment. These celebrities need to leave their cell phones at home or something because they’re ruining everything.

Tiger Woods – He called chicks up and it ended his marriage and half his money. Buddy had no discretion.

Paul George – He had his pics leak online after sending them to what seems to be a catfish-y dude.

Joe Budden – His texts have gotten him in trouble with Tahiry but they’ve also had his pics leak online, too.

Lil Romeo – He also got caught by the same catfish that got Paul George. Do better, sir.

Kenyon Martin – Not only was he caught by Paul George’s catfish, but he also had pics of Trina stolen years ago.

Alicia Keys – She was supposed to be Blackberry’s spokesperson but kept tweeting from her iPhone. Dumb dumb.

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    Scarlett Johansson – Her cell phone got hacked and it revealed all sorts of freaky pics.

    Justin Bieber – He got his phone confiscated by the police and he’s terribly worried about what they’ll find. Should have gotten rid of it.

    Keyshia Cole – When she gets in her feelings, she tweets. When she tweets, twitter kills her. Don’t let Keyshia Cole have her phone.

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