Animal Lovers: Photography Series Catches Pet Owners Giving Smooches To Their Pooches! [Photos]

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We share enough dog, horse and goat humping stories around these parts that we can’t quite dismiss this photo as completely innocent
, but we know there are some pet lovers amongst you that might feel differently, so we thought we’d share.

Photographer Shares Photos Of Owners Kissing Their Dogs On The Mouth

The photo is one of a series by photographer Chris Sembrot, who sums up his new pet-friendly project on his blog:

Man’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes. And for lots of people, smooching with their Great Dane or Dachshund is just another way of expressing that love. To them, a kiss is a carefree way to share affection with the canine who loves them unconditionally.

But to other, um, non-dog-owners, this might look like “Man’s best friend…with benefits”. They believe one’s Toy Poodle should not be their play thing. “Do you know where that mouth has been?” they silently ponder. While the human/dog chemistry is lost on this crowd, the smooching owners are actually changing their own biochemistry…for the better! Their oxytocin levels are rising; their blood pressure is slowing, all while their sense of well being crescendos. So, kiss away my friends.

Huffington Post also posted a few more of Sembort’s photos along with a warning about the dangers of bacteria harbored in dog saliva.

Check out the photos below:

Photo Credit: Chris Sembrot

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