Ice Up: Pics Of Celebrities Right After They Caught The Fade

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Pictures Of Celebrities After A Fade

Nobody wants to get beat up. But it happens. When it happens to celebrities, though, it’s worse because everyone sees it. Here are some pics of celebrities after they caught that beat down. Try not to laugh too hard.

Suge Knight – He was the scariest man on the planet until this picture of him getting clocked took that away.

Chris Brown – Look at poor baby’s bo bo after his slap box with Drake.

Sundy – Well, we all know what happened here.

Joe Budden – He got smacked by Raekwon then got on camera with his little ice pack. Man, this is never not funny.

Perez Hilton – He got this black eye and claimed did it.

Mike Tyson – This was the most shocking fade caught of all time.

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    Shia Labeouf – He got beat up outside of a bar and look at him out on his feet.

    Raz B – He was seriously injured after a bottle incident overseas. Scary situation.

    Gabriel Aubry – He tried to catch fade with Halle Berry’s man and this was the result.

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