Jesus Take The Clippers! All North Korean Men Now Ordered To Wear Kim Jong Un’s “Chinese Smuggler” Haircut!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Proud to be an American? Maybe you should be, considering our freedoms at least allow us to do our hair the way we please.

Kim Jong Un’s Haircut Made Mandatory For All North Korean Men

Sadly the same can’t be said for North Korea where it’s now mandatory that all men rock the same look as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

South Korean media report that approximately two weeks ago, the state ordered guidelines requiring all men to keep their hair shaved close on the back and sides with longer hair on top swept back from their foreheads, were introduced in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang.

And while a number of men may not find the cut to their liking, they have little choice in the matter.

Prior to this action being taken, Korean men could choose a look from 10 state-approved styles. However, now citizens across the nation are expected to abide by the new guidelines as the rule is being fully enforced.

Interestingly enough the look has a name. Although it’s not the most flattering, it has been referred to as making Koreans look similar to Chinese smugglers… SMH.

Luckily for the ladies of North Korea, they still have 18 state approved style varieties they’re allowed to sport.

This is some real sad isht… And what about the poor men who have gone bald? Do they at least get a reprieve or do they have to purchase the Korean version of the Bishop Eddie Long toupeé?

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