What The Hell?? “Drug House” Stays In “Business” After Several Heroin Deaths, People Go In And Never Seen Alive Again…

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Missouri drug house overdoes

House Reportedly Has Several Drug Overdose Deaths At Same Address

Wow. This is sad and CRAZY.

According to Fox 2 St. Louis:

Neighbors describe a drug house where some people go in, never to be seen alive again. Yet they say the deaths don`t seem to stop the drug activity. Tim Gregory sees the place every time he walks out his front door, a trailer where his brother Tom Hood died after a fatal overdose in January. “They had found a spoon and a rig in his pocket so that`s what it was made to look like. Whether that`s the case or not, we don`t know yet,” he said.

According to Jefferson County 911 records, it was one of four drug overdoses at the property in the last two years. Another overdose from July 2012, notes cardiac arrest medical examiner called. Neighbor Duane Huddleston remembers, “The hearse, I had to watch his wife go up there and watch her husband go into that hearse, it`s heartbreaking.” Huddleston says the man who died, just told him he`d completed rehab. “He was so proud of that card he had received and bragged about being clean, looked great,” he stated.

Since the last drug overdose at this trailer, records show 911 calls appear to have spiked, with two calls at the end of February noting narcotics offense and a call three days ago stating “sounds like someone is getting beat up.” I spoke by phone to the woman who rents there. She told me that any drug activity involves visitors. She would not answer my specific questions about the 911 calls and reported deaths.

“Maybe there won`t be any vein in my brother`s death. Maybe his death can help clean some stuff up,” Gregory said. Both Gregory and Huddleston credited Jefferson County sheriff`s deputies with their work on drug cases. The sheriff`s office was not able to respond to questions about this case. The landlord added that eviction is underway, but only recently did the landlord have enough under the law to begin eviction.

Authorities in Madison County continue their push to educate parents about heroin. The area saw nearly two dozen overdose deaths last year and three happened within hours of each other earlier this year.

Drugs are bad. M’KAY…

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts…

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