Twitter Files: “Culturally Ignorant” Kobe Bryant Responds To Offensive Trayvon Martin Comments After Suffering Slanderous Backlash

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Kobe does his best to pick toe jam out of his teeth

Kobe Bryant Responds To Criticism Over Trayvon Martin Comments

Yesterday, Kobe Bryant took a dip in scalding water when an excerpt from an interview he did with The New Yorker was released online where he made some very offensive comments in regards to the Trayvon Martin case and the “advancement” of African-Americans in his perceived “post-race” America.

Today, the heat was turned up another notch as social media pundits and peons have been hard at work firing off scathing 140-character criticisms of the injured Lakers’ baller.

The shots did not fall on deaf ears, Kobe replied to his amped-up assailants with this tweet:

For the most part all the tweets aimed at the White Black Mamba were brimming with vitriol, however there are always cheerleaders rockin’ rose-colored shades…

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    Like we said, cheerleaders…smh

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