Neffe Talks Ignorance and Her New Baby Daddy Sounds Like Trained Chimp

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s Neffe taking it to nuccas far and wide who have something to say about her sh*t load of kids, compare her to Octomom, or think she’s benefited from Keyshia’s success.  She’s gutter, through and through.

Her slightly touched sperm donator opened his grill and had equally entertaining stuff coming out of it as well.  Visual and audio ignorance when you pop it.

Grow up and get back in school you two. For the sake of the kids. WAM

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  • Jessica

    Lol, she kinda reminds me of my Aunt Virgie anyway, if she’s doing it without public assistance what does it matter? Also if Keyshia wants to hand them money or whatever, that’s her business to do as she wishes, no need to be envious cuz we don’t have a sister to take care of us like that.

    Her fame does come from being related to Keyshia and i am not sure that Keyshia minds because it only makes her more personable to the majority of people in the world that have relatives like hers.

    I was thinking if I had ever become famous/infamous my family would have surely looked as crazy as Keyshia’s if not crazier…no lie.

    So whatever.

  • Kigali (Birth control until marriage)

    Why is she holding up her book in the back? Good lord. Birth control is what she supposed to do.

    How does he deal with all that white stuff on the corner of her mouth.

  • Sydney™ (the real one)

    How old is this woman? “Nah what I mean? Nah what I’m sayin’?”

    Even the dog looks like it wants to flee the scene. . .

  • Jay

    Keyshia, for the love of God and your health and welfare cut these niccas loose!

  • Roni

    I can’t STAND these ghetto people!! If Neffie thinks anyone believes that she has all that she has without the help of Keisha, she truly is as dumb as everyone thinks!! Dude is obviously there for the Keisha Cole ride. As long as he can deal with that mess of a family he is in, he is going to be taken care of. Someone get this b*tch some birth control!!

  • Angel

    People stop judging Neffe because she has a lot children. Children are a blessing from God.She does not have to answer to the media about them. Neffe I pray that you do not let the pressure of media persuade you to do abort your baby.

  • stuffbetweenmytoes

    the preceding post applies to writing as well…some errors, but long as you understand my points. laugh…bamas.

  • Sickofitt!

    As long as somebody else is supporting her babies she will continue to have them. Keisha is a great sister but I would have had to drop Neffie after the first baby. BET don’t pay that much believe that. Keisha is going to end up like Hammer, taking care of all the homies and the fam bam got his azz into bankruptcy. Look at the ish Dane Cook brother did to him. He wrote hisself a check for 3 Million out of Cook’s account. Even though Cook was paying him close to 12K a month for absolutely nothing he still wasn’t satisfy. She better take note.

  • jala

    without keyshia she wouldn’t have a house, a book deal or a tv show. did her ten year marriage get her all that?

  • lala

    As long as she’s not on medicaid, I could care LESS how many kids she pops out. I work in a doctor’s office and the majority of our patients (black, white, and hispanic) are on medicaid and they pop babies out like eggo waffles…just because they know they’re going to get free care. They try to act like “victims” because they’re on medicaid, but you don’t see people with blue cross blue sheild having 5,6,7 kids because they have to work for a living and cant afford it. If keisha or whoever is going to pay for her to have all those little bastards….she can go right ahead!



  • stuffbetweenmytoes

    this is another lesson for the folks. im not sure, but ill assume from one of the posts that her 5 (or however many) children are from different fathers. anyone in this room who has had five or more lovers in their life, raise your had. then shut the f up for criticizing her morality. you were on your back as much, if not more. her decision to have the kids…well…some people might say that’s more moral than aborting them. raise your hand if youve aborted or had a child aborted if you are a man. judgment…well…i dont know about having 5 kids. or sleeping with 5 people. but let those who are free of sin (with 5,1 or 20/no condoms/abortions/furthering abortion) cast the first stone. moral: if she’s a ho so are you.

  • stuffbetweenmytoes

    i agree with tasty t.

  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Like Amy has Crack Keyshia has her family she has to cut them loose another mouth to feed poor thang her mama is so horrible its sad…

  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Isn’t he like a wanna-be, almost-there, still-trying-to-be rapper?? I got a feeling that these men wanna be in their lives just to say they popped off Keyshia Cole’s sister and/or mama but the sad part is that neither one of them has enough sense to know it….smh

  • chrisbrowninhoes

    Hood chick$ need to be repre$ented too!

  • *Treasure*

    This is just ignorance. Neffie is trying to disguise in words something that is distasteful. Continuing to procreate when you are not emotionally equipped to raise children is wrong. Neffie has a lot of emotional issues that she should address. She continuies to behave deplorably in front of the children.

    Having children out of wedlock with different men is not a good example for the children. I hope Neffies well doesn’t run dry for the childrens sake.

  • Sydney™ (the real one)


    “Damn thats a blast from the past, did 69 cd ever come out?”

    LOL! Did he ever have a CD? The first I heard of him is when he showed up on Vivica’s arm. He also called himself a “rapper.”

  • Jay

    LOL! Did he ever have a CD? The first I heard of him is when he showed up on Vivica’s arm. He also called himself a “rapper.”

    Naw Viv just got tired of telling that lie, everybody know what that “6-9” was

  • Sydney™ (the real one)


    “Naw Viv just got tired of telling that lie, everybody know what that “6-9″ was”

    Yup. . .pretty much.

    Now from the looks of this “Soullow” character, I’ll say he’s at least in his 30s, still trying to get his rap career up and going.

  • Kigali (Birth control until marriage)

    @tasty t,

    Why cant more black people like you drown yourself? I swear you guys are like an achor around the neck of black people who want to do better with themselves. Why dont you guys go buy and island and reenact Lord of the Flies away from the rest of us?

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