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DNC Chair Says Republican Policies Alienate Minority Voters

The shady Republican party has been on the prowl for minority votes heavily for the last few years, but the head of the Democratic National Committee says their lack-luster efforts will continue to fall short without actual changes being made to their policies.

She had this to say during a recent appearance on News One’s “New One Now” show, which is hosted by Roland Martin, in response to a GOP ad that’s currently circulating in hopes of gaining more minority voters for the upcoming mid-term election in November

“The disconnect for the Republican National Committee is that they really think that finding six or seven people of color to put in a TV ad and say that they’re Republicans or getting training on how to speak nicely to people of color is going to translate into support at the ballot box.

There’s a reason that 93% of African-Americans voted for Barack Obama; that 71% of Hispanics voted for Democratic candidates; that 74% of Asian Americans did. It’s because their policies alienate those communities. Because when you have comments, like the one from my colleague Don Young, referring to Hispanic ranch workers as “wetbacks;” when you have Paul Ryan claiming that there’s a culture of laziness in inner cities, that isn’t exactly a way to warm up to people of color and to show them that your policies are going to improve their lives.”

Sounds about right to us! Do you think there’s anything the GOP can do to gain minority voters period? Or does their track record thus far pretty much guarantee that that will never happen?

Let’s discuss, Bossip fam.



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