You Mad? Bitter White Columnist Pens Pathetic Op-Ed Criticizing Celebration Of Black Teen Who Got Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

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White Columnist Criticizes Public Celebration Of Black Teen’s Ivy League Acceptance

Earlier this week, we reported on the remarkable story of Ghanian Long Island high school student Kwasi Enin who has been making headlines non-stop since recently being accepted into all 8 of the top Ivy League schools in the United States.

Naturally, the story drew much media attention and plenty of well-deserved congratulatory sentiments from the public as they joined in to celebrate this extraordinary young man for his outstanding academic achievement. However, in the midst of all the celebrating, one white female Washington Post education reporter by the name of Valerie Strauss decided put on her best editorial troll hat and pen a bitter, anti-progressive article about why communities should refrain from boasting about scholarly students who gain acceptance into prestigious schools out of respect for those students who aspire to attend such institutions but don’t get accepted.

And no, this is not a late April fools joke. This bitter, babbling shady lady is absolutely serious.

As if downplaying Kwasi’s noteworthy achievement while failing to recognize the significance of young black men being nationally recognized for excelling academically weren’t enough, Strauss also took a shot at 17-year-old Avery Coffey, another young black male student from Washington, D.C. who was recently accepted into 5 of the 8 Ivy League schools.

In addition to overly saturating her article with statistics and lame justifications for why the public should move on and “stop talking about” the achievements of these two young black scholars, Strauss later went on to emphasize how “admission to a school doesn’t mean that a particular student is “better” than other applicants but that he/she fits into a particular spot in the college’s overall demographics scheme.” Translation: Kwasi and Avery should attribute their overwhelming Ivy League welcome to the fact that they’re black and not much else because there’s a slim chance that they’re actually smarter, more qualified or better students than “those” around them.

We seriously couldn’t add anymore more foolery or less logic to this woman’s train of thought if we tried.

Congratulations again to both Kwasi and Avery on their monumental achievements that we hope will be celebrated for YEARS to come.

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