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The Kid wants errybody out there to know that he was merely having a moment when he was talking all that retirement ‘ish.

Kid Cudi nearly missed a SXSW show he had booked in Austin, Texas this week. Actually, the promoters thought he was a no-show, and told a booing crowd the bad news. However, the Ohio rapper showed up just in the nick of time, after missing his flight.

When Cudi finally got there, he was feeling the love from the crowd so much, he retracted statements he made via his official blog (KidCudi.com), that he would retire after his debut album finally hit stores.

According to Cudi, he was have a Spiderman moment.

“You remember when Spiderman didn’t want to be Spiderman no more? Cause his personal life was so f***ed up,” Kid Cudi asked a SXSW crowd, “but he was just, like, killing sh** as Spiderman? That’s how I felt. I was killing sh** as Kid Cudi, but my personal life was still so f***ed up.

“I understand that I need ya’ll and ya’ll need me, so I can’t stop. No more retirement, I’m hear to stay now,” he added.

Earlier this week, the rapper posted a blog entry titled “iam sorry,” where he revealed plans to retire. In the post, he detailed his frustrations with the politics of the industry (aka the shadiness) and explained that he couldn’t deal with it any longer.

“The drama that comes with [being an artist] is more overwhelming than the sh** I was dealing wit when I was piss poor broke,” Cudi wrote. “My friends get mad at me, say I’ve changed, one of the only homies I got in this game, Wale, is worried about me cuz of sh** he hears. Like WTF?”

Despite the brief moment of weakness, the rapper says he’s not going anywhere, and plans — as of right now — to go on with a long, fruitful career.

“F*** all that extra sh**, I don’t know what I was on,” Cudi said, referring to his blog post.

Quit kiddin’ around so much, nucca.  It’s time to get serious about this paper.

More Kudi below.


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    this has never happened!!




    okay no one cares….lol

  • reese615

    LOL. Settle down, tiger…


    Cudi’s sound is refreshing.. I gotta check the album and mixtape.. Kanye should come with some new music.. I am tired of heartless and 808’s already..

  • 2putitPlain&Simple

    It’s all good…We love Kid Cudi!!!!

  • horn of africana

    He’s acting like a divo and he’s not even that big…save the tantrums/demands for later kid cudi when you’ve established yourself fully.


    Get a body of work under you there Kid.

  • Carla

    Yeah I thought Kid Cudi was playing his first official album hasn’t even come out yet.

  • always knew

    Who is Kid Cudi? His name sounds like a retard.

  • reese615

    @ always knew

    Who is Kid Cudi? His name sounds like a retard.

    If you “always knew” then you’d definitely know. Now wouldn’t cha?

  • http://looseneck.com Likke Miss

    Do you think you could get his name right? It’s KiD CuDi with a C, thanks!

  • Sha

    OK, who is this n*gga again?

  • Rawr

    Smart move for the Kid

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Look at my homie:)

  • GoldenBrownCutie

    I have never heard any of his music. I have heard some people say that he was decent.

  • Ms_NYC

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  • Da1nonlyChyna

    He is so damn cute! Oooo….. I like his song too! LMAO

  • miss confused

    i would rocka by baby this damn cute.

  • Carla

    What is up with the masscot bitting Kid Cudi ?

  • Flubneff

    Cudi=Half of his last name, Mescudi

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