Hi Haters: Salty Republicans Outraged That President Obama’s 1-Night Stay In Brussels Cost $2.9 Million!

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You mad? You must be mad.

Republicans Angry With Obama’s $2.9 Million Trip To Brussells

Via DailyMail

Mouths on Capitol Hill were agape Friday as MailOnline told congressional staffers that President Barack Obama’s recent one-night stay in Brussels cost taxpayers more than $2.9 million – and that’s just for hotel space and rental vehicles.

The amount covered Obama’s March 25-26 stay in Belgium’s capital, plus two weeks of work by his advance team before the president participated in a NATO and EU summit and a tour of the Flanders Field Cemetery.

The Weekly Standard first reported on a single requisition for lodging in Brussels at a hotel called ‘The Hotel,’ costing an estimated $1.52 million.

MailOnline has found two additional requisitions, covering more than $396,000 at a Crowne Plaza hotel and $1.05 million in expenses for ‘vehicle rentals.’

Per usual, the GOP’ers were HOT!

The cars were requisitioned from Modern Car, a Brussels company that specializes in luxury limousines.
‘Are you kidding me?’ asked a senior aide to one Republican member of the House Appropriations Committee. ‘The president is going to have to get used to flying commercial some day. I bet taxpayers wish that day came sooner.’

‘Wow, that seems disgusting, doesn’t it?’ said a GOP committee staffer elsewhere on Capitol Hill. ‘I know we need to protect the president, but at some point you have to assume we spent a fraction as much to shuttle JFK around and protect him.’

‘And why do nearly 1,000 people have to go on the trip? Are there really that many Secret Service agents and clipboard-holders? This is a testament to why government needs to shrink down and start treating taxpayers with respect.’

After all that isht talkin’

Neither aide would agree to be named.

Say it with ya chest!

A search Friday on Expedia.com found that rooms at ‘The Hotel’ in Brussels can be had for $320 per night on upcoming Tuesdays, the same weekday Obama spent the night there.

The presidential suite presumably costs far more.

But even the top-tier rooms for ordinary travelers feature 46-inch LED TVs, private fridges with complimentary champagne and wine, and walk-in rain showers.

Including both ‘The Hotel’ and the Crowne Plaza, the brief stop in Brussels required exclusive use of 387 hotel rooms and 143 rental cars, according to federal government procurement documents.

What do you think? Is Barry-O milking our hard-earned tax dollars to run around the world impersonating MC Hammer, or does the GOP just need to take $2.9 million worth of seats?

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