No Bun in This Oven

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Michelle Obama went and crushed those silly rumors about her being with child:

For a couple of months after the election and through the inauguration, she was the subject of a lot of pregnancy speculation and First Baby hopes, which she has finally gone on the record about to Oprah.

In the lengthy interview inside April’s O Magazine, Oprah asks the First Lady point blank about the state of her supposed baby bump. Several pages into the Q&A and on the heels of a discussion about workouts, Oprah began the following exchange:

O: Well, you look better than ever – despite the rumors that you’ve got a baby bump.

MO:[Laughter] I know – I was like, “Baby bump? As hard as I work on my abs?!”

O: By the way, nobody would be happier if you were pregnant than Gayle King. Out of nowhere, she’ll tell me, “Oh God. I really hope Michelle gets pregnant – and that it’s a boy!”

MO: [More laughter] Here’s the scoop. Not pregnant. And not planning on it.

O: Not pregnant.

MO: Not pregnant.

Frankly, we’re glad to hear this. As if the last thing the Obama’s need at this point is a new baby. Jeeze.


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  • iluvprada


  • Ugh...


  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    WHy does Gayle want them tohave a baby? Creepy!!

  • Ugh...

    I agree…lol

  • Taj

    I never even heard those rumors…

  • Re...Gambit May 1st...™

    Wow…a rumor I’m not familiar with…

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    @ JB_1030

    WHy does Gayle want them tohave a baby? Creepy!!
    I was thinking the same thing?! That is a lil creepy unless she wanna be the Godmother?!? ***brows raised***

  • Shellboogie

    I would love for the Obama’s to have a baby and it be a boy. A black man born in the White House. Now, that would be historical.

  • This I Know

    Michelle is 45 years old, so she is near menopausal. I really doubt she can still bear a child.

  • dern shame

    My husband’s grandmother gave birth to her last son at age 50 and he is now head cardiologist at a well-respected hopsital in NYC.

    Anything is possible.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    I think Barack wouldn’t mind having a son. Maybe they’ll adopt one….

  • This I Know

    Even if she can get pregnant, why would she want to bring a child into the stressful life of the White House? It is pressure enough to be the first black family there, let alone raising a baby under the constant limelight.

  • Mrs. Darcy

    Yeah I agree, though I would want to see them have a baby boy, it is way to stressful right now.

  • pistol whiped

    She should have a baby, that really would be History ( A black baby born in the white house )

  • W.W.O.D. (What Would Obama Do?)

    She ain’t pregrant… But that don’t mean I ain’t been tryin’

    Lotta rooms in this house to anoint…

    Barry O.

  • Heiress

    My mom is in her mid fifties still able to bear kids.My friends mom is 50 & just had twins.Some people hit menapause later in life.

  • Janelle

    That would be so nice though…..

  • Queeney

    ahhhh, come on, a lil’ man in the white house…now I lay me down to sleep…! I want to have a White House baby…correction, I want Madame Mitchelle and President Obama to have a White House baby!

  • enlight

    i’ve never heard this rumor….but i will say that at the beginning of the year, a psychic on my local radio station said that she will be pregnant in the white house. wonder if this is what he “saw”……take it however you like.

  • ME ME ME

    WHATEVER why is this NEWS! lol…ughhhh

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