Which “Basketball Wives L.A.” Cast Member Are You? [QUIZ]

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Which “Basketball Wives L.A.” Cast Member Are You?

From the ready and rowdy newcomers to the venom-spewing veterans, the season 4 cast of VH1’s Basketball Wives L.A. certainly has no shortage of filter-free personalities, but which cast member is most like you?

Take our quiz and find out!

What color dress would you wear to a friend’s wedding?
Leopard print
Which of these songs is most likely to be found on your iPod?
Beyoncé's "Bow Down"
Chris Brown's "Loyal"
Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock"
Nicki Minaj's "Lookin A** N****"
Jay Z's "Excuse Me Miss"
Lil Kim's "No Time"
Which of these guys most embodies what you look for in a man?
Trey Songz
Denzel Washington
Matt Kemp
J.R. Smith
Morris Chestnut
Chris Brown
Which dance would you do if you hit the lottery?
The Running Man
Two Step
The Nae – Nae
Do It For The Vine
Harlem Shake
Sundays are for:
Brunch after church while hung over
Depends on my mood
Which of these festivals are you most likely to attend?
Essence Festival
All-Star Weekend
CIAA Weekend
Mardi Gras
Rock The Bells
Which movie title best describes your lifestyle?
Breaking All The Rules
Love & Basketball
Menace II Society
Waiting To Exhale
Set It Off
What you’d do if you found out your man was cheating:
He better worry about me cheating on him
Nothing because I know that'd never happen
Mollywhop the chick
Walk away with dignity
Find a counselor
Make him beg for forgiveness—then leave
What is your favorite thing to do while on vacation?
Get drunk and party
Go out to dinner
Hit all the hot spots
Lay on the beach
Go skinny-dipping
What one word would your friends use to describe you?
You got: Draya Michele (@DrayaFace)
You like to have a good time and are very comfortable with who you are. Haters be damned; you’ll never make excuses for your decisions or actions. Your confidence can be read as arrogance but only by those who don’t bother to take the time to look past your exterior. Because you work so hard on your professional life, you value simple relationships and friendships in your personal life.
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You got: @Jackie Christie
You are a genuine and loyal friend but often find yourself in the middle of a mess because of your willingness to befriend those of questionable character. You have no problem marching to the beat of your own drum and tend to stand out amongst a crowd. Relationships that allow for a mutual exchange of thoughts and feelings are the ones you value most.
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You got: @MalaysiaPargo
You have high standards for yourself and those you choose to associate with. Your tendency to always appear “together” often makes those around you feel that they don’t know the real you. You prefer to play the background and observe rather than start drama but there’s a deeper layer to you that only a select few get to see. You value relationships with those who you feel are most like you.
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You got: Brittish Williams
You are outspoken and blunt at all times. You often act on impulse and are known to get defensive when dealing with people who don’t easily back down from your antics. While you like to enjoy life to the fullest and welcome new people into your circle, your tendency to always need to prove yourself can be overwhelming to those around you. Challenging relationships that test your loyalty and strength are of most value to you.
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You got: @BrandiMaxiell
You enjoy a healthy balance of class and excitement in your life. You pride yourself on being able to maintain composure in the face of hardships or rowdy settings, but your calm and cool demeanor also makes you an easy target for those with opposite personalities. Relationships that have withstood the test of time and prove to be essential to your life are the ones you value most.
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You got: @SundyCarter
You are very strong-willed and tend do whatever is best for yourself with little regard for how it may affect others. You are a leader and usually avoid surrounding yourself with those who seem to follow the crowd or try too hard to fit in. Those who actually get on your good side would describe you as fun to be around and someone who always up for a good time. You value genuine relationships that bring you happiness and are based on loyalty.
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