Naomi Gets Attacked by Fan, Loses BlackBerry

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell’s crazy ass got a taste of her own medicine when she got yoked up Monday night at a Led Zeppelin concert in the UK:

Sadly for aging model Naomi Campbell an over-zealous fan tried to rip her VIP pass from her neck and almost choked her in the process. The 37-year-old was left shaken when the man grabbed the pass, pulling her hair and yanking her head back before a female assistant stepped in to help.

Afterwards, Naomi reported her Blackberry was either stolen or missing. Good thing too, who knows what damage would have been done if an angry alcoholic Naomi did have her phone on hand.

More images of Naomi from that event under the hood…


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  • ayo


  • ayo

    i like her, though. black ppl on the come up, we can be coked up, wile out divas, too…

  • 504okaay

    PO’ THANG!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, thank God her lacefront was glued on tight…

  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    What the heck was Naomi doing at some dang Led Zepplin concert?

    She wrong for even being there!!

  • Bahama Mama

    hehe..and she didn’t think to use it against the person?

  • Mahogany

    I bet her scalped is sore from the pulled tracks.

    Her phone was taken as a preventive measure, I’m sure. Will she be the new face of mobility???

  • mo'ree

    SMH at people taking pics and not helping….

  • piercdbruh

    Led Zepplin on tour? I thought they were dead. I mean literally dead. Why was she at a Led Zepplin concert? SMH

  • ohnoudient

    roflmbao @mahogany and pulled tracks

  • Al-Anon


    SMH at people taking pics and not helping….

    Why not, those pictures are worth money. I wouldn’t help her crazy ass either. It never seemed to bother her to beat up on the “hired help”!

  • mr mr

    I read on another site that the crazed fan was severely beaten up by security…

    dang…so naomi can look forward to a lawsuit as well (even tho he was in the wrong)

  • Anonymous of Course

    Attacked by a fan??? Would a ‘fan’ attack?

  • nahnah

    haha, they should’ve exposed her bald head. i can’t stand her ass.

    but she sure is gorgeous!

  • Leonie

    ^^ Agree

  • Blacksmith

    Attacked by a STAN?? Perhaps.

  • Smut Dogg

    See she need to support her own…that wouldnt happen at a Freeway concert!!

  • And What?

    Led Zeppelin were playing a much hyped about one of gig in London for charity..Loads of A-Listers were there wanting to be seen in the right I guess Naomi decided she wanted a piece of the action…I like Naomi..she’s crazy as hell and just doesnt care what anybody thinks…Anywhere else she probably would have fought back…hahah

  • Zero Soul

    Yeah, momo. It’s absolutely ridiculous how everybody just stood around and clapped while that white guy assaulted a black woman!

    Oh, wait. He got his ass kicked. Better take your victim card off the table before anybody else sees it.


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Hi Bones…like 2 hours later…:-)

  • constance

    Don’t feel good to be attacked Huh Noemi?

    But you are still gorgeous!


    i wouldnt be surprised if the person who attacked her stole her blackberry. thats good for her ass.

  • Soul Cry

    I love Naomi…but, the pics don’t look like he is stealing it, but rather that she was taking it off and it got caught in her hair and he was just helping….

  • Trini 2 De Bone!!!

    Karma’s a B*tch. Bummer……….

  • John

    If she had that phone somebody would have had a good ass whuppin!!

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