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Livesteez reports that this slave-minded buffoon is encouraging the lynching of African Americans:

An African-American mayoral candidate is calling for lynchings to be reestablished as part of his campaign platform in Jackson, Mississippi. George Lambus, the 62-year old Republican candidate has blanketed many White neighborhoods with flyers, which take shots at his Democratic rivals and calling for “a noose and stout tree limb” to tackle crime.

His flyer reads:

“Incompetent negro Democrats at City Hall, negroes without civic pride, negro criminals and corrupt negro police officers have just about driven this city into the ground. Any Negro Democrat running for mayor who tells you that he or she can reduce crime and bring jobs to Jackson is a damn lie. They only want to be mayor for the salary. Job creation is contingent upon the economy improving, and crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb. I will provide the noose, and when the economy improves, I will get the jobs here.”

Lambus defended his views to the Associated Press, stating, “Look at recent history, like in South Africa, when apartheid was abolished. Blacks went on a crime spree. Other Blacks got tired of it… and they formed vigilantes and they killed people. It brought crime down.”

Jackson’s former mayor Frank Melton left office and is currently facing federal civil rights violations for alleged attacks on known crack houses in the city as the election takes place. Melton has also been accused of being corrupt and running a rogue operation in the city as well and partaking in the drug trade. Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Brad White doesn’t recognize Lambus as an official candidate and his chances of winning are considered slim.

Yeah. It’s pretty obvious this cat is derranged. It’s Uncle Ruckus in the flesh, and an authentic minstrel f*ktard.




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