When The Checks Stop Coming In: Method Man Visited by The Tax Man

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Method Man is struggling right now, just like everybody else. The tax man just payed him a visit and took his Navigator as payment:

The tax man paid an early morning (6am!) visit to Method Man and repo’d his 2008 Lincoln Navigator for $52,000.00 in unpaid income tax.

Damn, all you kids trying to get into Hip-Hop should take notice. This guy was one of the hottest artists in the 90’s, now look at him. Good luck Meth, we are rooting for you.


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  • chill rob

    Ohhhhhhh Noooooooooo

  • chill rob


  • Sawyer

    Ut Oh! Looks like Meth may have to save up them stacks he spends on weed every month to be able to pay them bills!

    Might be time to hit the road and start touring some of them oldies, but still goodies since he’s the last remnants of good rap music!

  • Breezy has superhuman strength thats all


  • Sawyer

    p.s. Meth is still one of the hottest compared to this ring tone rappers nowadays!

  • Peenut


  • Divalicious

    Damn meth! I can’t believe you broke man! learn to handle ya’ll money!

  • Iris the Tax Lady

    New jawn – Meth’s version on Six AM…

    Six AM police knockin’ at my door
    Old Adidas Squeakin’ cross the bathroom floor
    Repo man jacked my Navi for tax
    Ain’t a had a hit since rap was on wax

  • just wonderin...
  • Melo

    That’s unfortunate. Times are hard.

  • http://www.readingeagle.com/.../archives/lunchmeat.jpg Larry Lunchmeat

    Smoking to much TICAL!

  • http://bossip mybaad

    puh-uh-lease.. meth aint holly broke. TiCaL!!!



  • PhillyYoung&Grown-4-the-kids

    good luck to everybody in this economy..

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    Aweee damn that’s my husband… guess I gotta divorce him like Rachel Roy divorced Damon Dash. lol.

  • http://fawker.us/2009/03/27/method-mani-blaze-so-much-that-i-forgot-to-pay-the-tax-man/ Method Man:”I Blaze So Much That I Forgot to Pay the Tax Man” |

    […] is saying that his Navigator getting repossessed was no big deal. It’s simple; his stacks are in order, but his Buddha habit merely cause him to forget: […]

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