Where’s Celie??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Fantasia has missed nearly 50 performances of her Broadway hit The Color Purple and has already admitted that the role of Celie took a lot out of her. It’s a damn shame when fans drive from far and wide to see her perform and are disappointed when she is a no-show.

Sounds like Young Dro is tearing that ass up on a regular, blowing her back out to the point that she’s missing performances.


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  • Nicole

    FIRST yay

  • Bones Jordan

    1st. Who cares. Anyway, that’s a really nice tat, but a very unflattering pic of her. Hope you alright, Fantasia.

  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg BrBro Man

    Tacky is not a fantasy

  • Mahogany

    Make that grip Tasia.! Don’t stop a show.

    Anyhoo, lmeao @ the chick’s expression in the back.

  • Mahogany

    She’s noticing the foolywang that is papparazzo.

  • Downtown

    She better get her mind right cause one day your here in the next day your gone !

  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg BrBro Man

    I hope we don’t see her on “when the check stop coming in”

    Girl you better go to work… you Oprah don’t play about her money!

  • justmoi

    50 performances!!!!!!!!

    I’m a fan of Fantasia but that is taking the piss. Her shoes in that pic are cute as hell tho and I’m feeling the tatt’.

  • sassy

    Just goes to show you that she’s not professional.

  • I Am A 80's Baby

    WTF Fanny??? D@ck over MONEY???? I hope not. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t let a hang over stop me from getting money, let along some D@ck

    ^^^You better say that, I am off to work now, back later to chat once I get to work. LOL

  • Sun Goddess

    Tattoes are not cute. That stays with you for life. You are really screwed if you get a guy’s name tattoed on you. Take notes, young ladies. I love Fantasia, but she needs a class on ladylike qualities.

  • Angel..V,(^.^)

    Health, love, family, money…

  • weezy

    you would think someone who was flat broke a couple of years ago would appreciate this opportunity, especially since she doesn’t sell a lot of records.I bet Patti Labelle, Beyonce, and the other work alcoholics wouldn’t be missing this many shows.

  • dj

    I just went to the Color Purple last Saturday and she performed. She did an excellent job. I was very surprised at her acting ability. She only performs on the evening shows and her understudy performs during the matinées (disclaimer on the website before buying tickets).

  • DR. FUNK

    All the actors out there waiting tables…

  • jiggawho

    Broadway ain’t no joke. That’s why most CELEBS usually only do limited runs like 6 weeks or 2 months. She’s been doing this show for almost a year now. Dang, can’t she get some vacation time. LOL

  • Delta Diva

    I hope she gets it together cause the show will be over in January. Plus the srticle that broke the story stated that in may not be in her to perform 8 times a week. Thats a lot work, especially since she’s been doing this play for months.

    But if I travelled to see it, she better have her booty there, them tickets ain’t cheap!!!!

  • Tee

    You can take the girl out the hood….

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    She is getting lazy and needs to get it together. Sounds like Mary J. back in the day.

  • FineAsWine



  • FineAsWine


  • mr mr

    i’m with jiggawho…

    even the original cekie, LaChance, missed performances…it is only a big deal because it is Fantasia, and many many people are coming to the show just to see her!

    broadway is hard people…even concert tours get breaks, and rarely last an entire year straight (for you folks saying beyonce wouldnt miss a show)

    do your thang fantasia…word is they have created a new broadway role just for her once the color purple is wrapped…hell, the girl did $6M in pre ticket sales alone once Oprah announced she was taking over the lead…impressive

  • http://lacydpage.hi5.com lacyd (I like Chicken)


    but she got the lotion thing down packed (greasy than a mutha). She needs to just go rub elbows with Gary Coleman, knock some of that ash off his arse.

  • FineAsWine


  • Royal Chocolate

    Being a star is hard work…..

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