Chill Out: Women Who Are Too Controlling In Their Relationships

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Famous Controlling Women

Nobody likes a controlling significant other. It’s a drag. These girlfriends and wives have reputations for being controlling and not giving their men any breaks. Take a look at the women and see if their men put up with them or not.

Naya Rivera – Big Sean apparently left her over her controlling ways. You know how controlling you gotta be to look like that and get dumped?

Mariah Carey – She’s gained a reputation as being a control freak…but Nick knows better than to challenge her.

Halle Berry – Her baby daddy left her on the grounds she was controlling and critical in every way possible. Is that why she can’t keep a man?

Vanessa Bryant – After Kobe cheated she wasn’t playing any games. Buddy can’t do anything without her in his grill.

Jackie Christie – How does Doug do it? She’s insane.

Brenda Harvey – She apparently used to beat up on Lionel and dominate the relationship.

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    Kris Jenner – She was apparently known for controlling her relationship with Bruce.

    Paula Patton – She admitted to being a jealous control freak. Clearly she wasn’t jealous enough because he still strayed.

    Nene Leakes – You see how she claps off at her old man?

    Gwyneth Paltrow – She’s so controlling she tried to spin her divorce into “conscious uncoupling”

    Ciara – She just commented that she drives Future crazy with her ways…and we believe her!

    Tamar Braxton – We have to watch her put that poor man in his place every week and it’s sort of depressing.

    Kanye West – We know we said “women” but Yeezy really acts like an overbearing wife. Making her clear out her closet? Sheesh.

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