What’re You Doing?! The Most Dragged Live Performances Of All Time

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The Worst Live Performances Of All Time

Bad performances happen to everyone. Every famous musician will tell you about a time when he or she didn’t put their best feet forward. These performances got dragged endlessly and these people probably want to forget it.

Lauryn Hill – She made a return and got killed for how bizarre it was. All of her live shows got killed for bing too weird to enjoy.

Katt Williams – His comedy shows have garnered a lot of negativity for his meltdowns and screaming at the crowd during his act. Drugs are bad, Katt.

DMX – All struggle. He’s had these meltdowns and crying fits on stage. Once he turned his performance into a sermon.

TGT – Remember when they popped up on Good Morning America and Ginuwine looked like he was zooted out of his mind? Yeah. Poor guys.

Miley Cyrus – The VMAs. Enough said.

Amy Winehouse – Her live shows were panned before her passing because she was mostly unintelligible most of the time.

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    Lil Wayne – Those pants. Those pants got him blasted for his performance.

    Tamar Braxton – She wore that at the Soul Train Awards and who cares what she sounded like. She looked like death.

    K. Michelle – She wore a dress that was pretty much see through. WE can’t show you because we don’t want you to get fired but it’s quite nasty.

    Christina Aguilera – She performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl a few years ago and…did she forget her words? Yikes.

    Jodeci – All of their live shows have been pure drugged out struggle. No mas. Please.

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