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Posted by Bossip Staff

Wow, we were hoping we could go a week without reporting that someone has passed away. TMZ is reporting that Ike Turner, 76, has died in his California home outside of San Diego.

So much for that potential reality show he had in the works, now that would have been interesting. R.I.P. Ike.

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  • stan-b-gone

    damn! so long ike!

  • Kia

    I wonder if Tina’s coming to that funeral??

    I don’t think so.

  • Rae Rae

    Sad…. R.I.P Ike…. I wonder if Tina Turner will be present at the funeral

  • demeyez

    WELL..UMM…WHAT CAN U SAY?he lived a long time

  • It'sREALLYme

    Oh My…

  • Erika


  • hey

    wow didn’t even see this one coming.



    looks like Bobby Brown’s daddy

  • Trini 2 De Bone!!!


    2007 what a year.

  • Ahdree

    People will miss Ike? Ok. Tina would come she’s too classy not to but then again from what I’ve read they haven’t been in contact in decades.

  • stan-b-gone

    daddyo, you aint lyin! i was scrolling down the pic and it looked like bobby brown’s head. i already read the headline and was thinkin “bobbay noooooooooo!!!” phew!

    r.i.p. ike.

  • WTF

    Whoa he’s dead

  • arasiam

    R.I.P. i hope st. peter let’s him in…

  • buttafly

    I thought I was lookin at Bobby Brown.LOL

    RIP Ike T.


    I guess he couldn’t beat death…

  • Soul Cry

    RIP Ike

  • Bronx Brawler

    Can anybody account for Tina’s whereabouts at the time of his death? RIP

  • Bronx Brawler

    Double check Tina’s alibi


    Snickers why you got that picture up? LOL LMAO

    Anna May you goin to sing the song like I told ya too

  • eyez


  • Bones Jordan

    The man is deceased. Please show some respect. Y’all dont know what went on behind closed doors. The brother had some issues but who dont? God bless Ike Turner, R.I.P.

  • Blacksmith

    Sing it slow with me…..

    Ike is rollin…rollin…rollin on the riverrrrrrrr.

    Rest Ike.

  • I Stay SMH is 2 busy 4 this Shyt


  • I Stay SMH is 2 busy 4 this Shyt


    I guess he couldn’t beat death…


    YOU need a beatin!

  • P.Will

    Damn, Anna Mae! 1st Pimp C and now Ike. I don’t think the Ho’s is Scared!!, I think Pimpin is Dead!! U know these things come in 3’s. Tell Bishop Don Majic Jaun to be careful.

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