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Is Jay-Z a member of this taboo organization? A prominent member of the Five Percent Nation – also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths – has spoken on Jay-Z’s possible affiliation with the controversial group. Although the Brooklyn artist and mogul as yet to declare his stance, speculation continues to mount regarding his recent wearing of the Five Percenters’ Universal Flag symbol. Lord Born Justice Allah, a senior representative of the Nation of Gods and Earths, spoke with The Source TV in a video chat explaining his views of Jay Z wearing the Universal Flag pendant. Justice Allah first discussed basic principles of what the Five Percenters study and their way of life before delving into the Jay Z matter. “Some of us don’t know if Jay Z is a Five Percenter,” Justice Allah said. “He should have some kind of influence from some of the Five Percenters in his area ‘cause he grew up in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, as we call Medina, was heavily influenced back in the ‘60s. So I’m not gonna say he’s not a Five Percenter but I can’t say he is either until I talk with him. Same thing with Carmelo Anthony, I would like to know because you wearing our Universal Flag…”


“Married To Medicine’s” Heavenly Kimes On Submission: “Black Women Need To See A Woman Who Takes Care Of A Household”

MadameNoire doesn’t know much about Dr. Heavenly Kimes other than she’s a leading Atlanta dentist and founder of Heavenly Dental Associates, Inc., oh, and a fiesty new cast member on Bravo’s “Married To Medicine” who’s shaking things up in more ways than one. Already having to defend her stance that a dentist is also a doctor to her fellow cast mates, Dr. Kimes is now explaining her comments about submitting to her husband, who’s also a doctor. As you can imagine, the declaration from such a high-powered woman that she submits to her husband didn’t go over too well with audiences during a previous episode of the show, but wpeaking with Sister 2 Sister, Dr. Kimes didn’t back down from her beliefs, telling the magazine:

“I submit to my husband. I make my husband’s food. I take care of the household. I understand my role as a wife and a mother…


“I Have Never Committed Any Crime”: Phaedra Parks On Angela Stanton’s Claims That She’s A Criminal Mastermind

We told you in the past about Angela Stanton. She is a former colleague of Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida (I guess you could call her that), and she went to jail for fraud. She also claims that after her first stint in jail, she got involved in racketeering with Apollo and Phaedra, which is what Nida went to jail for, and served even more time for that. When she was released, seeing Parks shining on the show (and mad because she claims that Parks refused to represent her as her lawyer when she was facing jail), Stanton decided to write a tell-all book called Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil, which was to reveal that Parks was involved in just as much dirt as Stanton and Nida. But Parks has been proactive from the moment she heard about the book in an effort to shut all that down. She filed a massive $30 million defamation lawsuit, and Stanton, while commenting on Nida’s recent fraud arrest, said she lost her royalties and more because of the suit…


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