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Is Dr. Simone giving Toya’s hubby some booty action?

Dr. Simone Defends Dirty Dancing On Toya Bush Harris’ Husband

The ‘Married To Medicine’ star has danced her way into controvery after getting a little too close with co-star Toya Bush Harris’ husband Eugene, Toya felt is was disrespectful to her marriage and went HAM on the doctor.

The doctor cleared up the rumors via her Bravo Blog recently and claims she was just playing around with Toya’s husband, Dr. Eugene.

I am totally disgusted that Toya would think my horsing around at the bowling alley was anything other than silliness. I was dancing on Dr. Eugene in a fun and joking manner. Never did I intend to evoke feelings of disrespect or disregard for my friend, Toya. Cecil and I have hung out with Toya and Eugene on numerous occasions and I assumed she knew that I respected her as my friend and love my handsome husband.

Toya’s insecurities have blown my silly little gestures completely out of proportion. As a mature and professional woman, I would have preferred a one-on-one conversation with my friend, Toya, about my actions and her interpretations so that we could resolve the matter. Instead, there was an attempt to publicly assassinate my character at Heavenly’s party like we were recreating a Shakespeare play on Broadway. If I wanted to star on Broadway, I would be in New York, not Heavenly’s house.

Apparently things haven’t resolved between the two women because in tonight’s episode of the angry birds almost come to blows following the confrontation:

Will you be watching tonight??




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