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Hell f**k naw, shawty.

Daughter Forgives Father For Secretly Taping Her In Bedroom And Bathroom

Via DailyMail

A high school cheerleader whose dad secretly filmed her in her bedroom and the bathroom has revealed that she has forgiven him – and even encouraged her mother not to file for a divorce.

Michaela Smith, from Pell City, Alabama, was just 15 when she saw a red flashing light between her trophies in her bedroom in April 2011 and realized it was a camera.

Investigations revealed that her father, Michael Smith, had filmed her on four separate occasions and stashed the images on his computer. He was jailed for a year.

Now Michaela, who is 18, has spoken out as she receives the Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Achievement Award, which honors student-athletes who have overcome hardship, on Monday.

Even though she was initially distraught that her father had recorded her, she said she has since learned to forgive him because the experience has allowed her to help other victims.

‘I lost my innocence that day,’ Michaela, who does not believe in sex before marriage, told ‘I realize it was horrible but it was a necessary price in order to help my father and to use this experience to help others. That sacrifice has created positive changes in so many other people.’

Now that he has been in prison, he realizes what he has done wrong, she said.

Why the hell didn’t he realize he was wrong in the first damn place?!

Michaela also described her horror when she changed from her church clothes into a more comfortable t-shirt – and saw the camera flashing.

Her mother was also in the room and said she immediately feared the worst, but tried to cover up her bad thoughts, for Michaela’s sake.

‘I said something like I put it up there while I was cleaning and didn’t know how to shut it off,’ Rhonda said. ‘I didn’t want to worry her.’

But she told her other daughter, Janet, who asked a friend adept at computer forensics for help and pictures of Michaela were later found on her father’s computer.

He was arrested in April 2011 and indicted the following November.

And after all that, Michaela convinced her mother NOT to divorce this azzhole

Ahead of the incident – when her mother was struggling to cope with her father’s drinking – Michaela had told her mother that she didn’t want her to get a divorce.

‘Families are supposed to stick together,’ she said. ‘Marriages are not easy. A man and wife should stay together. They made a promise to God. There is always counseling and help if things get bad.’

But her mother wishes she had stayed with her gut instinct and divorced him. Still, she remains married to him and they attend the same church.

Uh, yeah, she should have told Michaela to STFU and mind her business.

Could you have found it in your heart to forgive your father for some isht like this?

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