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Lil Bow Wow speaks about ‘beef’ on tour and reveals why he was hospitalized, says it’s not exhaustion:

“A lot of people fail to realize that when it comes to music — I can speak for O about this too — we’re very passionate. Anytime you’re paying a lot of money, anytime you are serious about what you do, you take it serious. I have fans that appreciate what I do. O has fans that appreciate what he does. I know me, I take it to heart. I was bummed out because a lot of the stuff that I had as part of my show wasn’t there. Things that were promised were not there. It’s nobody’s fault; if it’s anybody’s fault, it’s my team. I was upset nobody made me aware of it, and I threw a tantrum. That’s what it is. That’s the real reason. It’s not because I’m beefing with anybody on the tour, that’s not the case. It’s not because of exhaustion, either. That’s B.S.”

The official medical reason is I lost a lot of blood in my hand. I hit something and cut my hand. It would not stop bleeding. I lost a lot of blood, went onstage, put out a lot of energy, came off, got light-headed. I fainted, went to the hospital, threw up and then they told me my white blood cells were higher than what they’re supposed to be. They were looking at my appendix. I’ve always had stomach issues. I’ve always had stomach problems. But like I said, we’re gonna see if it’s that serious that I have to take that surgery. If that’s what I gotta do, that’s what I gotta do. The appendix is a life- threatening thing.”


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  • arasiam


  • arasiam

    oh my, i have never been first, but could not pass up this opportunity to say, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO CARES!!!!!!!

  • Say What?

    how about bow wow and O are irrevelent. sorry to saw that..

  • Say What?


  • Msbioed

    Well that’s very good that he jumped on this issue quickly & played the rumors down. Now, to just work on that album….



  • eyez


  • ADA

    So the Midget admits to being a diva.

  • http://deleted John D Hater

    Eat balls because their music sucks!!!!

  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    Who cares about these tween divas?

    Anyway—are those two whispering sweet nothings in each others ears?

  • justmoi

    I maybe the only one but I actually commend the boy’s honesty about having a hissy fit, lol.

  • Bronx Brawler

    Man up & stop acting like a broad during that very special time of the month chump.

  • http://www.istayconfused.com I Stay SMH is 2 busy 4 this Shyt

    can we get a fill in the blank on this?


  • BlackGirlLost

    They look like they about to kiss in that pic…They suck, okay, well maybe I shouldn’t say that but, I definitely am not feeling their music.

  • Strawberry Rain

    Ok so am I the only one noticing Omarion whispering sweet nothings into Bow’s ear??? They look like a happy couple!

  • tbyrdswifey

    At least he admitted it. He gets points for that. Well…maybe just one point.

  • breeze

    this lil soft sucka ass negro, a damn cut on the hand causes you to faint?…man i betta have lost some fingers or something i aint fainting from a damn cut…this industry dudes is a lil too soft…lmao

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    “I threw a tantrum”

    tee hee hee


  • BossLady

    @ Stawberry Rain

    I’m thinking the same thing. I like to think of myself as objective but the picture really has me wondering.

  • nicky

    he threw a fit because he found out he wouldn’t be performing last and chris brown was, thats the real reason. he wasn’t headlining a tour he’s known for.

  • link

    At least he’s being honest. Now its time for Rihanna and Ciara to stop frontin. Ciara was getting done dirty and Rihanna with her “thinks she’s a diva ass” was feeling threatened cause all the fans were coming to see Ciara.

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    I’m so mad ya’ll put that picture up there. lmao


    See what happens when you act like a lil BIOTCH. Ya get a paper cut, throw up at the site of your own blood then faint like a white woman in one of those old black and white Humpry Bogart movies. MAN UP DUDE!!!!!

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    LMAO @ M-Daddy, who said…

    faint like a white woman in one of those old black and white Humpry Bogart movies.



  • babegyrl

    We care about Bow Wow and Omarion Why? Ohh and Bow, real men pass out they don’t Faint……

    Again I ask………….. we care why?????????????

    Keep it moving,,,, NEXT!!!!!

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