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Drinking potty water? That isht cray.

Texas City Suffering Drought Asks Residents To Drink Toilet Water

They really couldn’t come up with a better plan than this?

via Daily Mail

Grappling with a three-year drought, a North Texas city is awaiting word from the state to re-use wastewater, including some from toilet flushes, for drinking.

Mother Nature’s been stingy with Wichita Falls, a city of about 104,000 near the Oklahoma border that’s about 34 inches behind on rainfall over the past three years.

The wastewater re-use program will save a third of residents’ current daily usage, Schreiber said. Fifty percent of the water would come from toilets, dish and clothes washers, and sinks, showers and baths.

One Wichita Falls woman resident can’t get past consuming water that would in part come from toilets
‘Honestly, would anyone be OK drinking potty water?’ House of Flowers owner Karen Gibson said. ‘For my plants, that would be no problem. That would be a fertilizer, so to speak. I don’t think it could be any good for anybody’ to drink.

If approved by state regulators, the re-use project will blend the wastewater with 50 percent from the city’s two reservoirs — Lake Arrowhead and Lake Kickapoo — in a four-step treatment method.

Would you drink toilet water if you had no other choice?




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