Julia Hudson Refuses To Let The Devil Win

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Jennifer Hudson’s
sister Julia shared a powerful message at a local fashion show recently:

Almost five months to the day her mother, son and brother were killed in Chicago, Julia Hudson made her first public appearance since the tragedy as a model for a local fashion show featuring full-figured women.

The 31-year-old sister of actress-singer Jennifer Hudson said she wants her pride and confidence on stage to send a message of defiance to William Balfour — her estranged husband and suspect in the case.

“You did this to basically kill me,” Hudson told CBS2’s Pamela Jones, referring to Balfour. “In so many words, to take my life, but it was not. And my mother and my brother and my son, they wouldn’t have wanted that. If I was to not be able to function, if I was to not be able to get up, that would mean William and the devil won,” Hudson continued. “They took enough from me. They won’t take nothing else from me. So I have to go on.”

The 27-year-old Balfour is charged in the October killings. He’s pleaded not guilty. After working the runway in a designer gown, Julia Hudson posed for a crowd of hundreds who attended the fashion show at Navy Pier. She said her sister Jennifer has been a source of strength in the past months, and that her recent fashion photo shoot and catwalk appearance is part of her effort to move on.

“To see me standing here, you know, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to stand,” Hudson said. “But as I said before, to see me stand here and to know that you can go on — there is hope.”
Dozens of Hudson’s family members attending the fashion event cheered her on as she received an award for turning tragedy to triumph and learning every step of the way.

“We’re here celebrating her, lifting her up and letting her know that we’re all here as a family,” said Julia Hudson’s uncle, Tyron Hudson. Julia’s Grammy-winning sister did not make it to Sunday’s event. But she will be in Chicago April 25-26 for a concert at the Arie Crown Theatre. Julia, meanwhile, returned to her job as a bus driver in January.

That’s a good message for those of us who crumble over the most trivial shyte. If she can get up and keep moving everyday, there’s hope for all of us. In other JHud news, she recently tweeted that she’ll be making an appearance at some point on the new season of American Idol.


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  • Pimpin Willie Northpole C.O.T.H (Loafer Game Is Flu)

    Damn I pray for her and her whole damn family, I wouldn’t wish that type of loss on none of my haters!

  • It's Insane!

    and Julia is a nut

  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg bg™

    Prayers to them

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition ™

    Pimpin Willie… Whad up? I agree i pray for her and her remaining family, i wouldnt wish that tragedy on my worse enenmy not even some of these impostering fools up in here! Pimpin i had to bow out i only come on here to holla at a few. It got too damn silly and childish for me when you got imposters impostering the imposters! wack man wack!!

  • soulwoman

    God Bless the Hudson family, but there is just something about Julia that isn’t right…

  • 2dimplzs

    Good for her. People can say what they want about Julia but she lost just as much if not more as Jennifer. She has her faults but she’s still human and she’s grieving and suffering like the next person. We tend to forget that people are human. Good for her for doing something positive and trying to piece her life back together.

  • ♥ pYnK....♥

    too bad her lack in self confidence and crappy choice of men got practically her whole family killed, she really needs to get a clue. I pray Jennifer can hang in there with her wacko sister….Blessing Jen and Julia

  • RyanLeslie

    Pynk- I agree

  • nlrsuperstar


  • kk

    May GOD continue to bless her and her family,in JESUS’s name, AMEN, may she stay strong!

  • Moreaces

    I still cant believe that happened to Jennifers family, my prayers continue to go to her and her family, loved ones and friends.

  • It's Insane!

    If I was Jennifer, I would have had the mother move in with me in a better neighborhood and home, paid off the mortage at the original house and let Julia live there.

  • Tealeaf

    That’s sad, but uplifting

  • PhillyYoung&Grown-4-the-kids

    deep. everyone deals with death/loss differently. god bless her.

  • http://Bossip Soul Ese

    The devil was between her legs….maybe she’ll keep em shut this time.

  • blackness

    her being a loser cause this, i agree close those legs for once shame

  • RyanLeslie

    @ Mild Sauce

    I heard that too that the mom was not feelin movin..and thats understandable…its just really unfortunate that Julia felt that her man was safe…knowing his history and all…especially after I heard he threatened the family at one point. But to have your son killed by this Balfour? Just sickening..he needs to be taken from this earth immediately.

  • Miss T

    He hasn’t even been found guilty in court yet has he for her to be making those statements?

    If this William Balfour guy did do this, i know he didn’t do it alone.

    God bless the Hudson Family!

  • Whitey

    Good for her

  • bacchus

    Prayers and condolences to the Hudson family

  • Sandy

    No offence but if I was Jennifer Hudson I would not have my sister working as a bus driver for what 30K a year(not that there is anyting wrong with being a bus diver). I would hire to help me..do my hair, makeup..something! Does anyone else agree?

  • Lique

    Wow….some of ya’ll are actin like she deserved this to happen to her just cuz she was dumb about her choice in men. That type of thinking is judgemental, simple, and naive. Grow up. People are not perfect, people do not walk through life with the best judgement 24/7, and not everyone has perfect self esteem. This woman did not deserve for this to happen to her.

  • George

    You marry and lay with dogs, and you will get fleas.

  • lady l

    i wanna know, has Julia even filed for divorce from this guy? are they actually still married?

  • BKBajan

    correction: woman and sympathy.

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