Are You An Internet Troll…..Or Nah? [Quiz]

- By Bossip Staff

Quiz:Are You An Internet Troll?

The internet is a magical place full of dream chasers, activists, fake importance and everything in between. But are you an internet troll in denial?

Take our quiz below to find out!

When your favorite celeb is getting slandered on Twitter, you:
Start a funny response hashtag
Turn your caps lock on and go IN!!!
Ask the person who started it to apologize
@ the celeb on all of your replies
Tweet out a link about cyberbullying
Retweet each and every tweet in the thread
A hashtag is started to support a specific cause. You:
Could care less
Rant about all the other causes people should be supporting
Only RT celebs who support the hashtag
Remind specific people of other causes they didn't support
Start your own hashtag for people who don't support the cause
Immediately change your avi and find out what it means later
Whenever new episodes of Scandal come on, you:
Remind people of the CNN special coming on at 10
Tweet spoilers @ people you know plan to watch it later
Cuss out Kerry Washington for ignoring all 578 of your Scandal live tweets
Log off Twitter until after the show is over
Live tweet every scene to all three of your followers
A Celebrity baby is born and Twitter goes H.A.M. You react by:
Slandering the baby and the parents for celebrating publicly
Reminding people that there are babies starving in Africa
Tweeting photos of the day your kids were born all day long
Retweeting every "Congratulations!" until you end up in Twitter Jail
Tweeting your congrats and then moving on to another topic
Creating an InstaVideo with 100 hashtags
A new song drops that everyone loves and you respond by:
Acting like you don't love it just to be different
Picking it apart and then @ing the artist with your critiques
Buying the song off of iTunes
Following and unfollowing the artist repeatedly hoping they'll notice
Explaining why it will never compare to the original from 1936
Posting a Vine video of yourself singing the song
When President Obama's State of The Union Address is on, you:
Live tweet during the speech and share your thoughts on popular quotes
Take selfies of yourself next to Obama's Hope poster
@ President Obama with things you'd do better if you were President and tell him to step his game up
Tweet how heartbroken you are that your favorite show isn't on this week
Explain the link between politics and black oppression with your own hashtag.
Google to see if you can get tickets to the next Address
Your reaction when you first hit 300 Twitter followers:
Share words of wisdom on the spiritual meaning of 300 in Egyptian culture
Sent a tweet proclaiming that anyone with under 300 followers is lame
Change your avi to a pic of a Spartan
Let new followers know that you'll only follow them back if they "look good"
Thank all of your new followers and promise to keep things entertaining
Instagram goes down for four hours. You jump on Twitter and:
Retweet a few funny reactions and share one or two of your own
Start an "Instagram Sucks" Twitter account
Spend all four hours talking about how this is ruining your life
List out all the other things people could be doing with their time instead
Post links to articles identifying flaws in the Instagram tech team's coding algorithm
Keep refreshing your Instagram page every two minutes
When a new Chris Bosh meme is started, you are the first to:
Comment on every post under the hashtag
Point out how mean people can be
Repost the pic on your timeline
Not even know who that is
@ mention Bosh letting him know to ignore the haters
Tag all your pics with #BoshStruggle trying to get new followers
Which song best describes your lifestyle?
"Look at Me Now" - Chris Brown
"Paparazzi" - Lady Gaga
"Yeet" - Quill
"Started From the Bottom" - Drake
"Black Skinhead" - Kanye West
"Live Your Life" - Rihanna
You got: Thirst Troll
You troll at any given moment with no purpose other than to attract attention while annoying as many people as possible at once. You even go as far as posting half-naked pictures and selfies to boost your fragile ego. While some of your comments can actually be classified as funny, your comedic ability is often quickly overshadowed by your obvious thirst for attention and validity from strangers online. No topic is off limits in your eternal quest to raise your Klout score-too bad you're the only person left who believes that actually means something.
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You got: Pseudo-Intellectual Troll
Your main objective is to spellcheck, grammar police and provide unsolicited history lessons in the midst of light-hearted Twitter banter or a heated online discussion. You are the Wikipedia of trolls in that you spout at random facts and statistics without any credible source material. Your feigned intelligence is just another way to mask your own insecurities and tout yourself as an "expert" on all things irrelevant. Translation: We don't believe you, you need more people.
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You got: Stan Troll
You act like every celebrity owes his or her lives to you for your part in worshipping them, which in your mind is the sole reason they rose to stardom. Incessantly stalking celebrity timelines, you're quick to chime in on every online mention of your favorite entertainer and even quicker to come to the defense of your imaginary BFF should a Twitter beef pop off. While your unwavering loyalty would be commendable under normal circumstances, your super Stan trolling merely comes off desperate at best and just plain creepy at worst. Getting blocked is a common occurrence for you.
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You got: Struggle Troll
It seems every time you post a comment you unintentionally ruffle feathers and your initial post sparks a never-ending thread of replies. Instead of letting the topic die down, you insist on fanning the flames with more controversial commentary. Adding to your struggles is the fact that your super-sexy onscreen user name never seems to match your crusty avatar or worse yet it's an obvious photo of someone who is clearly not you.
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You got: Bandwagon Troll
Half of the time you don't even know what you're talking about. You're a schizophrenic troll with an undiagnosed split personality disorder, because you're likely to jump on any trending hashtag to support a cause because it seems like the "cool" thing to do. You're the type to start a #FreeWi-Fi hashtag because you thought Wi-Fi was a political prisoner somewhere in Africa. A smartphone social activist of sorts, you'll repost positive messages despite living a negative life. You talk the talk all day and night but ain't about that life because you're too busy trolling the Web to do anything real.
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You got: You Are Not A Troll
Congratulations! You are currently succeeding at living a troll-free life. You use social media not just as a way to express yourself but also to get insight on the viewpoints of others. You could care less about getting into an online debate with someone you don't even know, you would much rather share your thoughts, laugh at others comments and keep it moving back to your offline life. You use the Internet to kill time during your boring 9-to-5 to get a quick laugh and find out up-to-date info without taking yourself or the Twitter community too seriously.
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