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Wendy says the DWTS producers wanted to portray her as an angry black woman and will do the same with Nene!

Wendy Williams Warns Nene DWTS Will Portray Her As An Angry Black Woman

After NeNe Leakes’ practice meltdown video aired on Dancing With The Stars Monday night, talk show host and season 12 contestant Wendy Williams felt the need to speak up for the reality star.

Via Rumor Fix reports:

Wendy revealed in her Tuesday morning “Hot Topics” segment that the show’s producers “script what they want you to say. I know this as a participant.”

She noted that when talking with producers during rehearsals for the show, she would tell them “Wait, this is not how I’m feeling today. I would not say that, I would tell the cameras, so I would say what I wanted to say.”

And as rehearsals with partner Tony Dovolani – who is also Leakes’ partner his season — went on, Wendy realized ”They were writing my script to be angry black woman.”

One day she “got so very upset at this angry black woman thing” that she asked Dovolani if they could take off their microphones and go outside for a private talk.

“Tony, let me ask you something. Why are they scripting my supposed natural comments to the camera? And why is all my scripting coming off like I’m supposed to be ‘angry black woman’….that’s not me.”

Her partner’s surprising response? “My wife told me I should have talked to you about that.”

Wendy warned, “Nene, don’t let them do it to you!”

The 49-year-old host even pointed out that not only are they seemingly trying to portray NeNe in the ‘angry black woman’ role that they tried to force Wendy into, they even dressed her in the exact same dress that they had Wendy wear in her promotional photos from her season as well!

Wendy does have a point. Many times in the media, Black women are portrayed as too angry or vulgar when really they are just being emotional or strong. Do you think Wendy is right or is she just bitter because she lost DWTS?


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