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Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s a slow news day and we just thought we would post this throwback pic (1995) of Wesley Snipes and J Lo back in the day.

You better believe Blade got a piece of that while she was coming up in Hollyweird.

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  • sandy

    homegirl done had some of everybody!!!!

  • li


  • mrembowoman

    She wasn’t ugly in the picture. She just looks like a totally different person now. I see a nose job, it looks like she got her lips smaller. Of course the hair color change and the weight change. Everyone goes thru weight changes and hair changes though. Let people be what and who they wanna be.

  • Traycee

    Who HASN’T had a piece of her in Ho’wood?!

  • TXbred

    Damn…. its sad but from what I see, cosmetic surgery when done well… works for females!

  • stan-b-gone

    i dont think she’s ugly in this pic. just looks mad different. everyone could become a better them if they had a stylist upgrade them.

  • Stephanie

    Looks like she’s had some work done on that mug if you ask me.

  • glit

    He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebrity dating club ‘meet rich,com’ not long before, and he is hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies write to him.OMG!

  • Angel_Minded

    Wow JLO—

    Well, unlike her unborn babies, they won’t be able to have surgery to have mommy’s current features…

  • TS

    J-Lo has had 2 nose jobs and got her lips reduced. Add a 20 pound weight loss, hair dye, and a makeup artist and stylist, and viola!!

    I think it’s sad that women of color feel the need to try to erase their ethnic beauty to make it. I’m sure if you could find a picture of Beyonce from 1997, she wouldn’t be recognizable with all the work she’s had done too.

    J-Lo is not ugly in that picture. She looks like what she is, a Puerto Rican woman.

  • Hazelnut

    J Lo has gone from wearing white pantyhose with black shoes to owning her fashion line. She gets the “Come up of the Decade” award!

  • samira


    LOL…I was thinking the same thing.

  • ESL

    Jenny been around the block….

  • CubaLinda

    Not ugly just not the glammed up barbie doll she looks like now. Def some sculpting and contouring done. Her plastic surgery wasnt bad either cause she doesnt look all lil Kim. Some ppl go too far and get way more work done than necessary {vivica}… Halle and JLo didnt distort thier features just “enhanced” them a bit…

  • I Stay SMH

    hell she got on?

  • I Stay SMH

    Jamie Foxx said she was a ho

    BTW, AGAIN Happy B-day Jamie!

  • I Stay SMH

    she looks like angelina jolie

  • blinditemstalka

    She claimed back in the day Wes was trying to holla at her and she wasn’t having it, so he was mean to her. Boo fuqqin hoo. Now we know that aint true,can we say Hola`J-Ho?? LMAo

  • Southern Belle 225

    yes, she definately had some work done on her nose and so has Beyonce and Rihanna and countelss others. I know the stans will be mad about this one but I just dare you to go and look at those just coming out videos v.s. the newer videos. So there I said it!

  • Candylicker

    Who didn’t get a piece of that back in the day? Jlo look a hot mess, thank goodness her style has gotten better with age.

  • Mickit

    HELOW ppls.

  • Clone #504

    Shout out to 504!

    eff New Orleans!

  • Mickit

    she IS a pale, slightly larger bottom lips version of Jolie.

  • Bones Jordan

    Alright bruhs, I think she looked better(all natural minus fame) then she doe today. I feel for Wesley’s mind. He was such a good actor back then. Those were the days.

  • Clone #504

    You know I had to go there right?


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