Petition Started To Protest Massive Firing Of Black Teachers

For Discussion: Petition Started To Protest Massive Firing Of Black Teachers, Including 6,000 Chicago Teachers In 2013

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Petition Started To Protest Massive Firing Of Black Teachers

African-American teachers are reportedly being fired at an alarmingly high rate and now there’s a petition to put a stop to the growing trend.

via Kulture Kritic has an active petition meant to address the massive firing of African American teachers in the 50 years since Brown vs. Nichols. The petition is reporting that since the late 1990’s more than 100,000 African American teachers have been terminated. While the firing of 6,000 teachers in the Chicago Public School system between 2010 and 2013 is specifically, highlighted, the petition addresses the termination of teachers in large cities all across the country.

The petition specifically requests that the Department of Justice investigate corrective action against African American students, how teachers who advocate against expulsion of those students are treated, how evaluations are carried out on teachers who advocate strongly for students to receive resources, the unsubstantiated charges brought against teachers within the Chicago Public School system, and why teachers who have paid union dues are unable to receive due process during collective bargaining.

The petition is targeted at the unfair treatment of both students and teachers within the American public school system. The petition can be accessed at the following link:

Sounds like there’s a lot to investigate with this topic.




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