Shade Tree Buddies: Beyonce’s Most Frequent Shade Victims

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List Of People Beyonce Keeps Shading

Beyonce and her shade have been well-documented. We all know she can throw down with the best of them. But it seems like she targets the same few people the most often with her shade. Here are some people she’s hit with the patented Bey Bye Bye on multiple occasions.

Original Destiny’s Child – Bey made it known she wanted no part in hearing about them in interviews. It’s like they never existed.

Kelly Rowland – She coughed when Kelly wanted to be second lead singer of the group or whatever and she cuts her out of pictures from time to time.

Michelle – Oh you knew she was making the list. It doesn’t get more slandered and shaded than her.

Matthew Knowles – She curved him by firing him from her management team like it was nothing.

Kim Kardashian – Who cares if Kim is about to marry Beyonce’s husband’s best friend? Bey wants no part of her and keeps making it known.

Rihanna – Bey has always separated herself from Rihanna when they get compared…maybe it has something to do with the rumors Rih was getting that camel hump.

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    Jay Z – She loves her husband but he definitely gets shaded in public whenever Bey is upset. Remember her wearing pepperoni pants when he announced he was going vegan? Yup.

    Keyshia Cole – She’s shaded Beyonce and Beyonce has responded with subliminal digs every chance she got. Who you think she was telling to bow down?

    Keri Hilson – She’s public enemy #1 in Beyland and you can assume any and all insults from Beyonce have Keri’s name on them.

    Her Half-Brother – Don’t you think that Bey’s silence counts as shade? We do too.

    Tabloids – When everyone said she was faking her pregnancy, she sent out videos and gave them all the shade they deserved.

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