Random Ridiculousness: Woman Fakes Having Cancer And Scams Community Out Of $21K In Donations

- By Bossip Staff

What type of lowlife fakes cancer for donation money?

Woman Fakes Cancer To Get Donations

The fawked up part is, there are people with cancer who could really use that money.

According to NY Daily News:

Mindy Taylor wanted others to have a heart but didn’t appear to have one for anyone else.

The 35-year-old married mother from Chillicothe, Ohio has been charged with felony theft after allegedly posing as a cancer patient and weaseling thousands of dollars in donations in a scheme said to have fooled her own family.

The disturbing revelations of Taylor’s tear-jerker were revealed earlier this month after an anonymous tipster led to her surprisingly cancer-free medical records being subpoenaed, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

By then, Taylor — who had claimed to be undergoing vigorous chemotherapy while fighting not only cancer of the small intestine but heart disease and lupus — had reportedly amassed at least $21,000 in donations.

Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt expressed his belief to the Dispatch that Taylor’s alleged pity party was quite possibly not all for cash.

“I think she’s a hypochondriac and that she enjoyed the attention. Even now,” he told the paper. “Negative attention is still attention, right?”

Her attorney, Jeff Benson, argued that she is sick. With what, he doesn’t appear to be so sure.

If she needed money, she should have gotten off of her lazy azz and worked for it.

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