Mean Girls: Shaunie O’Neal Apologizes To Cancer Survivors After Sundy Taunts Brandi Over Issues Conceiving Following Diagnosis

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Shaunie O’neal shames Sundy for her insensitive comments while a petition is started to have her kicked off the show!

Shaunie O’Neal Apologizes For Sundy Carter’s Insensitive Cancer Comments

On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives L.A., things quickly took a turn for the rowdy after season 4 new comer Sundy Carter put her foot in her mouth yet again with shady comments about fellow newbie Brandi Maxiell.

Brandi, who has been very vocal about her hard-fought battle with Cancer and challenges with conception as a result, became rightfully enraged after learning that Sundy heartlessly used her health struggles to send a below-the-belt jab her way in the midst of a heated argument between the two of them on last night’s season finale.

After the episode aired and Sundy’s shady, insensitive comments were met with endless outrage from viewers, BBW head honcho Shaunie O’Neal took to her Twitter account with this message in response to Sundy firing shots at Brandi about having trouble conceiving following her Cancer diagnosis and remission.

Sounds like bosslady Shaunie wants to do as much as possible to distance herself from Sundy’s messy, mean-girl antics.

Speaking of shady Sundy, a petition has no been launched to have Sundy removed from the show….and Brandi has even weighed in on whether or not she agrees. Hit the flip for a look at who started the petition and Brandi’s response.

The petition, started by a disgruntled viewer, calls for Sundy to be removed from the show for her constant antagonizing of the other cast members and consistently nasty attitude.

Check out an excerpt below:

via iPetitions

I’ve been a fan of the Basketball Wives series airing on the VH1 Network, for many years since the beginning. I started watching this season of Basketball Wives LA since the season started in February. I really enjoyed the show previous seasons so i thought i would enjoy this one. But something happened. And that something is, Sundy Carter and her mean, hurtful, vile and evil remarks to the other cast mates. Sundy Carter does not belong on this show. She has no story line, she has nothing interesting going on in her life, all she is doing is being mean, evil, bully to the other girls. She does not know how to behave among other ladies. She does not deserve a chance on this show. She has been talking bad about people’s kids, she’s taking it too far. Those young children do not have anything to do with this show or the issues that Sundy is having with the cast mates and they should not have to endure a stranger making bad remarks about them on a nation wide TV show. I love this show and i hope there is another season, I will continue to watch it if only Draya and Malaysia come back to the show. Sundy needs to go and there should be new cast mates. What really broke my heart was watching the finale of this season last night, where Sundy was making fun of Brandi’s inability to have children because of a previous cancer that she had. After i saw that i knew i had to do something, so i decided to start this petition to Boycott Sundy Carter. I really hope VH1 take this into consideration, i am not the only one who feels this way, many of us do. Please Take Sundy Carter off of Basketball Wives LA!

Do you think Sundy should be asked back for another season of BBWLA?

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