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We’re not sure racist is the word but isn’t it a relief to have a famous white person ADMIT flat out to having a fascination with black people?

Louis C.K. Sat With Black Kids At Lunch Because He “Had To Know Them”

Our friends at GQ Magazine shared this interesting cover story they just did with actor/comedian Louis C.K.. Here are a few details:

Comedy is subjective, but not with Louis C.K. He’s the best, which is why we named him the funniest man alive. GQ’s Andrew Corsello catches up with the May cover man and explores his comedic genius.

After reading the article we had to share this one particular quote with you about how Louis’ desire to get to know the black kids at his mostly white school helped him overcome the discomfort he felt being out of place at their table. Peep the excerpt below:

Discomfort underlies all of C.K.’s work—it’s often both medium and message—and he seems to regard it as a moral imperative. “You’ve got to embrace discomfort,” he tells me at one point. “It’s the only way you can put yourself in situations where you can learn, and the only way you can keep your senses fresh once you’re there.”

Black kids were bused in to C.K.’s otherwise all-white junior high school. Szekely, an incurably curious boy who grew up to be what Chris Rock has called “the blackest white guy I know,” wanted to know them. Had to. So he began sitting at their table at lunchtime. “It was awkward and scary, but I made a lot of black friends, and that was the only way to do it. It had to be uncomfortable. It was actually racist, ’cause I was sitting down with these kids only because they were black. Sometimes discomfort is the only way through.”

This brings up some interesting questions about what racism really is — cuz to us this sounds a lot more like curiosity and maybe a touch of ignorance.

What say you?

Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/GQ



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