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Florida Professor Believes Student Brutally Beat Him Over Grades

Via NYDailyNews

A Florida music professor was violently sucker-punched before repeatedly smashed and beaten into a concrete floor in a suspected hit over a bad grade.

Miami Dade College professor, Marc Magellan, told the Miami Herald that he suffered a broken nose, hand and other injuries after being ambushed in a campus parking garage on April 15.

Magellan told police that as he was walking through the garage around 6 p.m. he heard someone call behind him, “Professor Marc!”

The moment he turned to face the caller he said he received a powerful blow to his head, knocking him to the cement floor.

That’s when the assailant allegedly “crouched over him and continued to punch him unmercifully.”


In an email to the Herald the 31-year-old professor’s mother, who also teaches at the college, wrote, “We are all suspicious of the aggressor being put up by a student.”

“For me, I just can’t imagine that any student would have such a vacant brain as to resort to something so stupid as a physical attack,” she wrote. “Yet, we don’t know what else we’re facing here.”

Magellan told the Herald that he too suspects the attack may have been ordered by a student.

“In my business, yes, the only people who hold grudges are the ones who I’ve had to drop or fail. It comes with the territory I guess,” he said.

He talks about “the territory” like he lives in Compton. If a student is that bent out of shape over a grade then they probably don’t have any future in the real world anyway.

Image via Marc Magellan



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