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No more bullhorns, scepters or props allowed!

Andy Cohen Bans Props From Future Real Housewives Reunions

Andy Cohen has set his foot down after the latest “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion resulted in one housewife getting dragged down and across the floor and another housewife laying on the floor hysterical after the attack.

Via Examiner reports:

On Monday, April 21, Andy sent a tweet providing a new rule for all reunions from here on out. It stated that housewives can no longer bring props to the reunions.

Kenya Moore brought two props with her to the reunion: a scepter and a bullhorn. She used her props to further antagonize her co-stars. At one point during her argument with Porsha Stewart, Porsha, tired of the scepter being pointed at her, pulled it out of Kenya’s hand and threw it on the floor. Undeterred, Kenya then pulled out a megaphone to shout at Porsha. When she accused Porsha of being cheater, Porsha suddenly got up and pulled Kenya down and across the floor by her hair.

In the aftermath of Porsha’s attack, many fans of the show have commented that Porsha was provoked and that Kenya, with her ridiculous props, got what she deserved. Many have also said that props shouldn’t be allowed. Even NeNe Leakes issued her opinion on the matter. As the reunion aired, she posted a tweet stating that props should never be allowed. Clearly, Andy now agrees that the props served only to make the situation even worse and is bowing down to public opinion.

Andy Cohen was just as shocked as everyone else that Porsha Stewart would actually attack Kenya Moore. As the reunion aired, he sent a tweet stating that he didn’t see the fight coming. He also addressed criticism that he should have put a stop to Kenya’s props right away by reiterating that he didn’t anticipate such a result. He also seemed to voice his opinion on who takes the most blame as he said that while he wouldn’t like someone yelling at them through a megaphone, he wouldn’t get out of his seat either.

Do you think the props should be banned from future tapings?




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