Clapping Back: Twitter Blasts Lupita Haters With #AshyLarryBoyBands Hashtag

- By Bossip Staff
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#AshyLarryBoyBands Is Hilariously Trending

Well it seems as though some people had problems with Lupita as the most beautiful woman in the game. Naturally, Twitter clapped back at some of these haters for being sorry, do-nothing men just complaining about a Black woman just to complain. And what are they called: Ashy Larry’s, according to Tweeter @ThePMG. So she and a few others decided to poke some fun at the couch-loving haters with #AshyLarryBoyBands. This is the funniest thing going today.

We just ask this of the people downing Lupita: will you twitpic YOUR woman before calling Lupita basic? Didn’t think so. Anyway, enjoy the laughs!

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