Natural Barbie: Nicki Minaj Says She’s Done Wearing Crazy Costumes And Ridiculous Weaves For Attention

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Nicki Minaj is hanging up her blonde wigs and clown costumes…

Nicki Minaj Says She's Done Wearing Crazy Costumes For Attention

Nicki is done using crazy costumes and colorful wigs to get attention, and she’s ready to shed her style gimmick in favor of being herself.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

When Nicki first came onto the scene, she was done up like a life-size Barbie doll, adding just a little edge to her look with some pink underlays in her hair. From there, her looks only got more outlandish as she donned hairpieces in every color of the rainbow while sporting cartoonish costumes.

Now that Nicki’s got a few more years in the spotlight under her belt, she’s toned down her look. Fans first started to notice the “Super Bass” rapper going natural a few months ago on Instagram as she posted selfies featuring a much simpler beauty look. Gone were the rainbow of weaves and technicolor makeup! Instead, she was rocking her natural black hair and winged eyeliner–and that’s it.

While doing the promotional rounds for The Other Woman, which hits theaters Friday, Nicki told “Good Morning America” that the shift in her style is just her way of making good on a promise she’d made to herself long ago.

“Before my first album even came out, I said that on my third album, I would wear my natural hair,” Nicki explained. “I did the wigs; I did the colors; I did the heavy makeup and all that stuff, and now I guess maybe I’m just more confident in myself.”

Nicki’s new stylist Oscar James explained that he’s been working with her to slowly transition to a more conservative yet fashionable look for months.

“I started working with her early last year — the reason she reached out to me is because Tyra Banks had given her my number,” he told “She wanted a more toned-down look, and I think that’s why she reached out to Tyra. So I created that wavy, super-blonde hair with the dark roots — the wig.”

We have to admit we’re happy to see Minaj stripping herself of all the wild gimmicks and giving the drag queen theatrics a rest. Do you prefer costumed crazy Nicki or natural Barbie Nick??

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