It’s the Dress, Not Beyonce’s Jelly

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce and her camp are dispelling rumors saying her ass is spreading like the plague, per the gown above:

After an outfit when terribly bad and rumors began circulating that she has gained weight, Beyonce’s rep is firing back at critics.

Beyonce, 27, was recently photographed in NYC (Mar 8.) for her I … Am tour in a Thierry Mugler couture dress. Online bloggers blasted the R&B star’s curves, calling her deformed.

According to her rep, the dress — which was originally designed for Jerry Hall — is to blame.

“This is not a weight-gain issue,” her rep tells US Magazine. “Beyonce is in the best shape of her life. The exaggerated hips are a design element of a truly couture dress. Beyonce has always loved this dress.”

A rep for designer Mugler tells US Magazine that the waist on Hall’s dress was 23 inches and was reduced to 19 for Beyonce.

Says the Mugler rep, “The padded hips intentionally focus attention to the waist.”

Of course her rep would say it’s not a weight gain issue; they have bills to pay.  BTW, who in the hell didn’t know those were pads?

Anyway, who thinks Bey’s weight is headed in the wrong direction on the scale?

More pics below.


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  • Re (In and out today)


  • Re (In and out today)

    Take that Smoovee and I am Legend…I’m a seasoned vet…this is just a warning!

  • stunnaz

    damn her shoes are fire and that dress bey wat wer u tryna do huh???lol

  • me (the original)

    Seriously, everyone knew that was fake. Did anyone think that was real? Anyone???

  • Poca


  • meela

    i HATE that damn hand on the hips pose!

  • Suddenly she visits blogs?

    Who cares? I thought she doesn’t go to the internet and has no phone!

    COULD SHE PLEASE STOP LYING!! STOP LYING BEYONCE…She’s not a good role model for kids!!
    Don’t she was with a phone some weeks ago?

  • So tired of this twit

    They are trying to dissolve the fact that she swagga jacked yet again copying Jeri’s dress AND that she wears hip and arse pads. It didn’t look like that on Jeri now did it?

    Whatever, unoriginal itch.

  • http://n/a Smoovee Sayz


    Yea u caught me slippin…lol
    I was actually doing some work too

    But yea I think Bey’s shape is beautiful. I dont know about everything else goings on with her but thats one thing she got together. Hands down…
    Nothing wrong with being a lil thick:)

  • kahmmillion (Can't wait until Friday)

    Everyone knew everything about this trick is fake!!

  • jazi

    I don’t care what designer made it or what fashion they claim this is..she looks like a dam fool!

  • Just as I see it...

    The dress is ugly as all hell but love the shoes.

  • Timaliscious

    She fire and everyone knows that the dress is made like that, next!

  • Sawyer

    Anyone with 2 working pair of eyes can see its the dress! People are f**king idiots!

  • I Am Camel Fierce!!

    beyowolf is one cheeseburger away from being obese!! ~~snickers~~

  • Jace

    Its obvious that this is an exaggerated shape of the dress and not of her body. B’s curves are perfectly shaped to fit her. If she was smaller, you’d blast her for being too skinny. She doesn’t even look big in this photo and there’s discussion on a weight issue. This is ridiculous.

  • Re (In and out today)


    Lol, I was teasing…I mean, weight gain isn’t that serious. And its amazing that people actually BELIEVED that her hips were as wide as the dress…people are so silly sometimes…

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    I was thinking the same thing…how many years is she going to be 27? I mean I cant talk too much cause @ 28 I am holding @ 25 for a few more years…lmao!!

  • http://n/a Smoovee Sayz

    @I Am Camel Fierce…

    ROTFLMAO (ur pic)
    what in the world
    yep that will do it for me

  • Lady Architect

    Who really thought that was her real shape?

  • ~`* Toya *`~


  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….does this thread even deserve a comment….

  • I Am Camel Fierce!!

    beyowolf stans are seriously in denial if they think this chick is smeller than a size 10 smh

  • I Am Camel Fierce!!


  • U2know

    It’s not Bey, it’s the dress. Ok I’m done with the haters on my girl. Peace you lames.

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