For Discussion: TIME Magazine Excludes Hollywood Starlet Lupita Nyong’o From Their “Most Influential People” List…Do You Agree?

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Both Lupita and transgendered “Orange Is New Black” actress Laverne Cox were both left off of the list. Should they have made the cut?

TIME Magazine Excludes Lupita Nyong’o From Their “Most Influential” List

Earlier this week, both breakout film star Lupita Nyong’o and superstar entertainer Beyonce were celebrated for landing atop People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” list and TIME magazine’s “Most Influential People” list respectively, while snagging accompanying magazine covers to go along with their accolades.

However, upon further inspection, it’s been revealed that while Lupita’s recent success has propelled her to the top of the entertainment and fashion industry for the larger part of 2013 and into 2014, it wasn’t enough to deem her “most influential,” according to TIME magazine.

Since garnering rave reviews for her stellar performance in “12 Years A Slave,” Lupita has now become a household name and shinning success story to rival the best of them with an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Lancome Cosmetics endorsement, and countless recognition as a global fashion ambassador from all of the top designers under her belt all while flawlessly representing women of color who rarely receive the shine they deserve for their achievements in and outside of mainstream pop culture…but she still somehow hasn’t warranted the level of “influence” to land anywhere on the TIME magazine list.

As she has only been on the mainstream radar for a little over a year now, perhaps this small time slot is what discouraged her placement on the list. But the impact that she has had on pop culture and American culture in general by single-handedly defying the standards of talent, beauty, and notoriety that much of mainstream America previously deemed necessary for the type of success she’s seen in the past year is undeniable…..and no doubt “influential” in more ways than a few.

So, did TIME make a mistake in overlooking Lupita? Or has her level of “influence” simply been misconstrued? Let’s discuss.

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