Akon: What Beef With Suge?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Akon is saying he doesn’t understand why the beef with Suge Knight is turning out this way:

Despite reports that implied a connection between Akon and Suge Knight’s camp, Konvict music mogul Akon says he’s surprised over Wednesday’s armed robbery. “I’m trying to figure out why it’s escalating to this extent. We never had no problems,” Akon told MTV News late Wednesday after being informed that his producer Detail had been robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday morning. “All I can do is the right thing. Everything works itself out.”

What kind of “business” does Suge have with Konvict Music in the first f*cking place? Seriously…SMH


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  • Carl Winslow

    I didn’t know he was wearing a shirt!!!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re (In and out today)

    @Carl Winslow

    LOL, shut up!

  • Dr. Winkie

    lol, stop it Carl Winslow
    Suge is too stupid.

  • PhillyGrownYoung&-4-the-kids

    akon has about 4 wives to worry about, with about 10 kids in tow. he should stay away from trouble making shug. 🙂

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    lol @ “Carl winslow”….i can’t stand akon…he’s a punk.

  • Menominee Nation

    go somewhere and drink bleach suge. your dayz is numba’d!

  • ...

    Come on thuggin’. Talk that tough sh!t.

  • Sawyer

    Suge dont want it wit Akon…you saw his wrestling skills as he suplexed that dude into a crowd a couple years back!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Where’s the picture of Akon? All I see is a shadow.

  • http://... LATEEF

    I did say a while back that I love Black Men?

    Hmmm??? Damn!!

  • http://yahoo PhatDjSwagger {the truth and you know this man!!!}

    akon does not want to beef with suge lma carl winslow

  • JC o' B'klyn

    They’re both Konvicts, so they’ll figure it out.

  • BIG FAM-O ( straight out the windy city )

    dont be scared now convict

  • Love Thyself Negroe

    Always the pigment jokes when it comes to Akon. Poor dumb stupid ignorant brainwashed “African-Americans”! So funny to laugh at your own self hatred taught, learned and passed on. The very thing that God gave you to survive on this Earth you scoff at because of something taught you by the Hater! But feel free to continue….because “Your mamma so black that….”

  • Diva

    Well that is definitely the crustiest elbow i have seen in a while…

  • http://gmail apomen ( to be called a black means u are decent )

    they are more than the word stupid.just making laugh at yourselfs.what is funny about Akon complexion.but not blame you cos u don’t know where u coming from.

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