BOSSIP Exclusive: BBWLA’s Brittish Williams Says Their Reunion Is The Craziest Ever And She’s Not Scared Of ANYONE After Being Shot!

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This season was packed full of black eyes, name-calling, angry bird beef and “dry-hellos.” BOSSIP caught up with BBWLA newcomer Brittish Williams to get a quick recap of the season before tonight’s explosive reunion show. Brittish gave us the real on her and Lorenzo’s rocky relationship past, being labeled “The Chubby One” by Draya all season, the public Twitter outcry over her “struggle weave” and all the drama that took place this season.

You’re one of the new kids on the BBWLA block. How was your experience as a new Basketball Wife this season? Do you feel like you were portrayed accurately on the show?

I think I am a firecracker in real life, so I think it was pretty accurate. I think I was put in situations that made me be a little more firecracker than usual, but besides that I think it was good. I think you guys got to see who I am towards the end of the season too.

What do you think some of the biggest misconceptions are that people may have about you now, having seen you through the eyes of reality television?

I think it’s funny that they think that I’m uneducated and ghetto, despite the fact that I went to St. Louis University, and one of the best high schools and then best colleges – I think that’s funny. The fact that they think I’m fat in real life is hilarious to me too, since the camera puts like 15 pounds on you. Plus I think Draya just said it and it made everybody else think so. I know I look thicker on TV, so I dropped like 10 pounds so I can look smaller next season. But yeah – I’m shapely, I’m not small.


Right – speaking of which, now that you’re a public figure and talked about a lot on social media – surely you’ve seen how people constantly clown your weave, your dye job, etc. How do you respond to that?

Yes, and I totally agree with them! When I saw my hair on camera I was like “that looks terrible.” You know, I trusted someone – and I didn’t go to some little hair stylist that’s like in a kitchen or something, I went to one of the top hairstylists that everybody goes to. He just didn’t do a good job doing my hair. I think he just really didn’t care, so, you know. But we won’t have that slip-up anymore, I go to Maisha Oliver now.

We didn’t get a chance to hear all that much about you personally this season with all the fighting and drama that occurred. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you do outside of the show? We hear you talk about “work” a lot…

I have Basketball Wives, I have which is my online store and we’re always working with that one, of course. We’re expanding now, so we’re looking for warehouse space. And then I’m also doing a shoe line which is called Privet Couture – it means “hello” in Russian. I started doing the line before the show started, and we actually did an episode with it, but they just didn’t show it this season because of all the drama. You guys will probably see some more of that next year, but they release in the Fall. So I’m doing that. Then I’m doing a jewelry line and a hair line called Be Savvy, so we’re working on that right now, and I’ll probably release all of this sometime in June.

We also heard that you’ve been shot before, and you still have a scar to prove it. How did that happen?!

I live in St. Louis, and it’s not the best place in the world even though I live in a really good neighborhood. I was 19, I was driving over past my father’s house to go where he was to get some money from him because I was in college, and I got caught in crossfire. I had just gotten a brand new Infiniti truck, and I was driving with my little sister in the car with me. A car swung around me because he was shooting at someone coming down the other street. I stopped and he went around me, but the other car went straight and came behind me, so they started shooting backward. They shot into the window and it grazed my right shoulder. So, I kind of laugh at them, the other ladies – like when Malaysia was like “Oh, I’ll turn up, I’ll kill her” I’m like “Girl, I’ve been shot. I’m not scared of you at all.”

Do you feel like that’s where your strong voice and willingness to stand up to the other ladies right out of the gate came from?

It’s like I am a firecracker, but I am also educated and I am so smart and so business savvy, that’s not even my thing. I just felt like, I wasn’t going to be that Draya like the first and second season – how they had her crying and emotional and you’re going to pick on me because I’m the youngest. That’s not going to happen. I would rather be the villain to you than the person that you torment all season.

Well we can definitely see where her strong personality and her desire to prove herself come from. Peep what Brittish has to say about she and Lorenzo’s sordid relationship past and whether or not she’s truly okay with him cheating after the flip…

Brittish Lorenzo Gordon

You and Lorenzo were close with Jackie & Doug in the beginning and taking relationship and marriage advice from them. What made you gravitate toward them for advice and counseling as opposed to another one of the married ladies on the show?

I look at Jackie & Doug, and they have a great relationship. I don’t care what anyone says about her or him – they have a beautiful relationship. They’ve been married for 18 years strong. I’ve never even heard a rumor about Doug cheating on her, I haven’t heard a rumor about her cheating on him. They just have a really good relationship, and the things that they say are so positive, and they’re really honest.

You mentioned the cheating issue on the show and how if Lorenzo does happen to step out on the relationship, you would rather not know about it. Sometimes it comes off as you not really being that trusting of Lorenzo. Is that the case?

What’s funny is, with me and Lorenzo – I really trust him now more than I ever have trusted him. He’s done a lot of bullsh*t in the past and I’m honest about that. A lot of women don’t want to say, “Oh, my man cheated on me,” or “we went through sh*t.” I threw stuff at his car – we’re real. We’ve really had a real relationship. I think people don’t want to be honest and say the things they’ve gone through because they don’t want people to perceive them in any way different. But, we have really grown together and we have really made an impact with each other as far as our lives go when it comes to our relationship. So, I think that’s something that I want the viewers to understand – I didn’t use to trust him at all, and it was his actions that made me not trust him. So, I think that’s something that we’ve really worked on and we’ve really built upon. I don’t think cheating is okay at all. But they kind of edit stuff how they want to edit it and you guys take it for what you want – it doesn’t bother me, it is what it is. It’s a TV show.

Brittish Lorenzo Gordon

Jackie kind of took you to task for that whole cheating comment in her confessional, and in addition to counseling you and Lorenzo, she was wrapped up in Draya’s relationship and possible cheating drama this season as well. Seeing what she did to Draya, how would you have felt if Jackie had decided to publicly share something shady about Lorenzo with you in front of other people?

Of course I would have had a PROBLEM! But my thing is, I would have looked at the evidence and then my next source would be Lorenzo. I wouldn’t deny it and be like “Oh, it’s not him,” because you see the text messages. So it’s not like it wasn’t him. It was in plain view. I would have been very upset. Like, why the f*ck would you tell me in front of all these people instead of like telling me to the side? I would have been mad too. I understand why she was mad. But I just think she could have handled the situation better.

We’ll get back to your thoughts on Draya shortly. What’s new with you and Lorenzo? And, do you have a date set for when you two are going to get married?

He [picked a team]. He went to Argentina. He came back like a month and a half ago. And he’ll be going to the regular season when it starts in August. So he’ll just be playing the whole season this next season coming up. Of course, I’ll be there with him too and I’ll just be back and forth because I’m working and doing stuff like that, but I’ll be there too.

[The wedding] is going to be sometime this year, and you guys will get to see it. We’re getting it together. I don’t want to give you guys specific dates because I set the date and we had to reset it. So it’ll be August/September sometime. I’m super excited, of course! I get to skip being a part of that statistic of Black women that don’t get married. And I get to marry my best friend, so t’s going to be a great wedding and it’s going to be a great marriage.

Great to see a young couple that made it through all their BS and is finally happy and getting married. But on to the drama! See what Brittish has to say about her disdain for “dry-a** hellos” and clashing with the other ladies this season on the next page.


Getting more into the show and all the drama with the ladies, you clashed with a number of people this season. What is it that triggers you specifically about how people say “hi” to you? That seemed to be an issue several times this season…

It wasn’t even a trigger. It was one of those circumstances – and it was with Malaysia. Like, you came into my home, and I did not know you. I had never seen Malaysia in my life. So when you guys saw that taping, that was the first time I had ever met Malaysia in my life. And that was exactly what happened – she just walked in, and she said “hey” and kept talking to everybody else that she saw. Of course that was rude to me, because I don’t know you and I invited you into my home. But it really wasn’t that deep. It was just, if you don’t want to talk to me just don’t say anything to me at all. If it had something to do with your friend [Draya], then I understand.

Do you think the misconception people have of you being ghetto comes from the fact that you keep mentioning how some of the other ladies try to come off as “bougie” or acting “better than?”

Honestly, anyone who looks at the show understands that. When you see me in my house I’m not in Louboutins and have my Céline sitting on the side of my dresser, because that’s not reality. When I do go out and I’m actually doing something, of course I’m gonna dress up. But if you see me and Lorenzo at the house, I’m in sweats, because that’s reality. So I think I had a misconception of Brandi at first, because when I got to know her, she’s not bougie at all. She’ll talk about how stuff is too expensive, or she’ll talk about how she needs a discount on something – she’s not really as bougie as I portrayed her to be. Now that I know her, she’s really a cool individual. She’s very nice and sweet – I think she’s sweeter than everybody else, actually. When you put a group of women in a room together and they have no clue about the other person – all they see is the things that they hear or the things that they perceive to be – I think those are the problems that occur. But once I got to know her, she’s a really cool individual. I don’t really think she’s bougie, honestly.

Read more about Brittish’s opinion on more of the major drama and physical altercations from this season after the flip.


You weren’t there for a lot of the drama that popped off this season. Were you mad that the girls didn’t invite you to Palm Springs?

Oh, no. I was SO happy! Because, supposedly I’m the person that started the sh*t, and I’m the person that’s immature and I’m this and I’m that and I’m ratchet and I’m the loud one. But the more the season goes on and especially at the reunion, we see who the people are, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Sundy refuses to give Draya credit for that black eye. She says Malaysia is actually the one who did it to her. What do you think happened?

I don’t know who gave her the black eye. I think the whole situation was very immature on both parts. I don’t think two 30+ year-old women should be arguing and fighting like that at all. I think they both were very intoxicated, and they both just weren’t using their better judgment due to the fact that they were intoxicated. I think that’s kind of what happened. You know, I don’t know. I’m not the person who’s on national television with a black eye. I can’t tell you nothing about that. So however you take it or however you saw it, it’s whatever, I’m not sure, I don’t know if Malaysia hit her, I don’t know because I wasn’t there. I just laugh at the whole situation – like them not inviting me in order not to have drama is just funny to me. I find it hilarious.

Touching on Sundy – with the way she has been attacking Draya basically since day one and her comments to Brandi about her infertility – do you feel like Sundy is a bully?

Honestly, I don’t really know with Sundy. I think her and Brandi argued a lot during the season period. I think that it kind of just triggered her when she talked about her dating a married man and being a whore and slut and p*ssy – whatever she was saying. And you know, Sundy is not a fair fighter. So she’s going to say whatever she feels like she wants to say to hurt you, and it hurt her. And of course, it wasn’t right because she talked about her cancer and that’s something that she cannot control.

Cold world! Has anyone else noticed that Sundy seems to be at the center of all the major drama on the show?

Read more on the Draya/Brittish rivalry, being labeled “The Chubby One,” and whether Draya even deserves respect after the jump.


What is your relationship with Draya and Malaysia now? That was kind of left up in the air at the end.

Me and Draya don’t have a relationship at all. I’m not upset with her – we don’t have a friendship and we’re not associates. I see her when we have to tape and that’s kind of what it is. I think she might still be mad at me because I asked her if she was a ho – I really don’t know, I really don’t care. I think she’s so used to being the young one and she’s “the youngest, cutest one,” and now I’m younger than her. I’m the youngest in the franchise period. That’s always her position about how young she is. Well now, I’m younger than you, so what’s the next thing? Well now it’s I’m fat – well that’s cool, I dropped 15 pounds. So now, what’s the next thing? But I don’t carry tension. I think if we really got to know each other we would like each other. But right now, I think it’s just she’s on her high horse and we let her sit up there.

Do you think she deserves a high horse?

I think that she was tormented and put through so much that she deserves to be where she is right now. I think she really has tried and really worked to be where she is. I applaud her for being able to go from what she used to do and be where she is now. I think with Black women, we should praise her for that. Where she used to be in the first season where they tormented her and talked about her kid and all that stuff – she’s in a totally different place now: she has a man, she’s in a relationship, she has her son with her – I applaud her for that. I think as a Black woman, we should be able to say she’s at a different level now in life, and we should allow her to have that level.

We see she did the reunion separately. Do you think it was necessary with the way that everyone comes at her?

I just thought that was wack. I thought we should all be able to sit on the stage together and have a conversation. I don’t know if she thought it was going to be bad because of her and Sundy or what she thought was going to happen. So, I really don’t know. But I just thought that all of us being able to be on the stage together and have a conversation – I thought that everyone was owed that much together.

From what we saw in the previews, Draya may have had the right idea doing her portion separate from all the angry bird antics taking place on the reunion stage. Read Brittish’s take on the reunion insanity on the next page!

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    Can you tell us anything about this fight that’s coming up? Are you involved in it?

    You have to watch the reunion! I can’t give you any details. Just know that it’s going to be a hell of a reunion. It outdoes the Atlanta Housewives. It outdoes any reunion you’ve ever seen. You’re not even going to believe the sh*t that you see, because I didn’t believe it. Did you see me running [in the preview]? You know something serious is going on! For me to run, you know something is not right. The reunion was so turned up, I didn’t even think they were going to show all of it. But they’re showing ALL of it.

    You’ve mentioned being the youngest in the franchise, so what do you think of these women so much older than you, in their mid to late 30’s (and beyond), fist-fighting like teenagers and getting hung up on such petty things?

    I think as women period, as we age, we evolve, and sometimes we don’t. I think that things just happen. You have to realize that we’re on a television show. They put us in these circumstances and situations. You know in regular day life, if someone is walking down the street and they say something to you, you would take it differently than with someone that you’re trying to get to know or someone that you’re trying to build a relationship with. So, I think that’s really what it is. For me, it’s like – I just turned 24 in December. I was 23 when we shot the show the whole season. So to me, it’s like if I want to act a fool and I want to just be silly, it’s because I’m growing. I am really a diamond in the rough and that’s my foundation. I’m learning how to be more graceful. I’m learning how to walk a little bit better in heels. I’m learning how to be able to talk to the king and my fiancé. I’m learning a lot of things that you learn as you grow older. Sometimes when you grow and you get older, you just don’t learn those things. It’s one of those things where I think that all of us have some building to do and all of us have to grow and all of us have our pasts. I think that when those people identify with those things, that we as a cast and as individuals will be better.

    Well at least Brittish is taking a good hard look at herself on television and seeing where she can improve, style-wise, physically, and mentally. It also sounds like all that commotion we saw in the preview was more than just a fight, so now we’re REALLY curious what this incident is going to be! What about you, Bossip fam? Will you be tuned in to tonights reunion?

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