Only On Camera: Celebrities Who Had Their Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage

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Celebrity Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage

So Donald Sterling is in a gang of trouble for his racist comments that leaked on TMZ. But he’s not the only one. These celebrities had their careers in a tailspin thanks to leaked audio and photos. Be careful out there.

Donald Sterling – He’s about to lose his team because of his racist comments that got leaked by his mistress.

Mel Gibson – His ex-wife released the audio of him saying all sorts of racist things, including wanting her to get gang-banged by a pack of N-words.

R. Kelly – Once a video of him banging a teenager – ALLEGEDLY – came out, he almost went to jail. Fair to say his career was never the same.

David Hasselhoff – His daughter leaked a video of him sloppy drunk and barely keeping it together, which led him to go sober.

Lil Wayne and Birdman – The picture of him kissing Baby didn’t ruin his career…but it damn sure made people look at him funny.

C-Murder – Once the security cam footage of him allegedly committing the crime that got him locked up, it seemed like he’d never get out of jail.

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    Eminem – The leaked tape of him rapping some racist lyrics about his Black ex-girlfriend didn’t ruin HIS career. It ruined Benzino’s, who went full-on clown trying to out Em.

    Rick Ross – When the photo of him as a police officer hit, it took him quite a while to get it together.

    Tiger Woods – Once the floodgates opened and all his texts and voicemails to his mistresses got out, it was over. He hasn’t won a major since.

    Richard Nixon – Ever heard of Watergate? Read a book!

    Bill Clinton – He almost lost his presidency because audio of Monica Lewinsky talking about their tryst went public.

    Kobe Bryant – His career was fine, but nobody trusted him after the audio of him ratting out Shaq as a cheater to the police went public.

    Paula Deen – When her deposition went public and everyone saw that she was a racist, she couldn’t get any more sponsors and lost her TV deal.

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