Time To Protest? A Gallery Of Racists Who Still Have Jobs

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Racists Who Are Still Employed

You think it’s okay to just say racist things and not feel the consequences? Well, it sort of is sometimes. These celebrities said racist things and didn’t get exiled. They’re still making money and have their jobs. Yup. Here are some racists who are still in the public eye.

Donald Sterling – He’s still the owner of the Clippers…for now.

Paula Deen – She is still touring the country and making as much money as before. Even without her endorsements.

Michael Richards – He’s on the show “Kirstie” after his racist rant a few years ago.

Donald Trump – He has been spewing racism for forever, especially with the Obama birth certificate stuff.

Bill O’Reilly – He’s the biggest racist on TV, but that’s part of his charm.

Rush Limbaugh – He’s still got his super racist radio show and it’s a damn shame.

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    Don Imus – He called some Black women “nappy headed h*es” and “jiggaboos” and still has his radio show.

    Fuzzy Zoeller – He made a joke about Tiger Woods and fried chicken in 1997 and never got kicked off any golf courses.

    Mel Gibson – He’s still making movies despite one of the most racist rants of all time.

    Riley Cooper – He’s still a Philadelphia Eagle despite threatening to beat up a room full of n-words.

    Charlie Sheen – He called Denise Richards a “f**** n****” in a crazy rage and he can’t stop getting TV shows.

    John Mayer – He said his junk is impervious to being attracted to Black women and everyone acted like it was all good.

    Paris Hilton – She’s dropped the n-bomb more than a few times and said some horrible things about gays but she still gets flown around the world to DJ or whatever it is she does these days.

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