“Life After” Starring Al Reynolds and Bel Biv Devoe

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It hurts to say, but it looks like some has-beens and a never was in the form of Bel Biv Devoe and Al Reynolds, respectively, are getting together for a reality show:

R&B trio Bell Biv Devoe and Star Jones’ ex-husband Al Reynolds are confirmed to appear in the forthcoming TV ONE reality series “Life After” !

Set to premiere this fall, the TV One and K2 Pictures project will take a look at the behind-the-scenes story of celebrities that have had to deal with adversity within their public lives.

“Life After will balance joyous moments with painful memories as the show seeks to capture how those featured have both celebrated and enjoyed their fame – and endured their darkest hours,” said TV One senior vice president of original programming Toni Judkins in a statement.

Bell Biv Devoe and Al Reynolds will be joined by ‘Family Matters’ star Jaimee Foxworth; actor Taimak (The Last Dragon) and The John Larroquette Show star Daryl “Chili” Mitchell.

Al Reynolds, in recent years, has been at the center of several controversial topics including his wedding, breakup and divorce from former daytime host Star Reynolds, while Bell Biv Devoe emerged from the often controversial group New Edition.

“Life After will investigate the ways in which these landmark moments shaped their lives, allowing them to share intimate revelations from the unpredictable journey of life.”

‘Life After’ is slated to air on TV ONE this fall.

Poor thangs. Anyone checking for this show when it drops?

More pics below.


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  • Carl Winslow


  • always knew

    Even though I used to like New Edition, when Iwas younger, I won’t be checking this out.Al Reynolds?
    Thanks, but no thanks!

  • Owners of Bossip GOSTTA BE WHITE




  • Ms. Brilly

    Taimak??? Where in the world has he been?

  • lean

    I never saw such little comments about something b4! lmao!…CARL WINSLOW! tooo funny!

  • 2dimplzs

    Seriously who cares about Al Reynolds? He is still a nobody!!! I’d be interested in seeing BBD because I was a fan and a die hard NE fan.

  • Moreaces

    Setting on the Edge of my set waiting, while holding my breath

  • mojojojo

    @ stylze
    Akee kee kee keeeeee

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Life at who?


    Sounds like yet another contribution to the overpopulated shitty mess that is the reality tv pool.

  • JC o' B'klyn

    She’s not too young for Ron, she was born in 1980, which makes her 28/29 years old, it depend on her birthday.

  • Bringthanoize

    Darrly Chill Mitchell is a great story from Uptown Records artist(Groove B Chill) to moive/sitcom actor(I liked him on John Larroquette Show & on Malcolm Jamal Warner’s short lived sitcom- Here & Now)to his horrible motorcycle accident.

    BBD should be interesting especially since there is a major rift currently NE between BBD and Ralph, Bobby & Johnny aka Heads Of State.

    Tamiak aka the Last Dragon- where did he go to?

  • JC o' B'klyn

    Why do people who have a lot to lose ride motorcycles? they are to their motorcycles what the body of a car is to the car: its cover, literally.

  • About it

    Al Reynolds:
    When is some gentlemen going to put a ring on it and make a decent man out of him?

  • Babegyrl™

    I’ll be checking for BBD, why, cause I’m an admitted NE groupie….. forget what you heard, Michael Bivens could get it, I heard he was married tho 😦

    Al Reynolds………….. ummmmmmmmmm can some one tell me why he is even relavent?????


  • http://bossip.com chocolate chip

    know one cares about Bel Biv Devoe- the no singers and Al- FLOP! FLOP! FLOP

  • lanette

    Taimak is fine as hell!

  • Quinn

    I’ll be checking only for BBD, I love me some Ronnie Devoe, gotta agree with Party Planner Diva, he did marry a baby. (Should been me) LOL 🙂

  • karolina_jubilee

    al reynolds is a $2 bill. i love new edition n bell biv devoe (ha ha, now u know!). Taimak?? OHHHH yeah, Bruce Leroy Green gone be there? Kool. 20 years after The Last Dragon n he’s still ripped! jaime foxworth was already on celeb rehab 4 smokn weed (marijuana is not a drug). and chill mitchell is funny as hell. kinda wanna see how this goes, so im in 4 one episode.

  • JC o' B'klyn

    New Edition/bell Biv Devoe are really the only authentic R&B/hiphop groups of the 80’& 90’s. PERIOD

  • crazychris

    man all the cracked out hasbeens are coming back

  • PartyPlannerDiva


    FINALLY!! Somebody got the joke. Damn, there are some young assed people up in here…

  • brightseat_bully

    the proper order is mike, rick, then back to mike, then ralph, then back to mike…

  • brightseat_bully

    btw, them boys was cold as ice in them overcoats.

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