Stand Your Ground? Florida Woman Jailed For Shooting Pregnant Friend In Facebook Feud Says It Was Self Defense

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The pregnant woman who lost her baby after being shot in the belly allegedly brought the drama to the shooter’s doorstep!

Sister Of Woman Jailed For Shooting Pregnant Friend Says She Was Defending Herself

According to NY Daily News reports:

A Florida woman is in jail after allegedly shooting her pregnant friend in the stomach and killing the unborn baby – but the suspect’s eldest sister says it’s far more complicated than it appears.

Katrice Wyche, 42, claims her sister Virginia, 35, acted in self-defense April 23 when she pulled the trigger.
Wyche alleges the pregnant woman, Markeisha Brooks, 23, showed up at her Jacksonville home with a group of people to jump her.

“She had three other people with her to guarantee that my sister got beat up, but it did not work out like that,” Katrice Wyche told the Daily News on Tuesday. “The girl slapped my sister! When she went to hit her again, that’s when my sister shot her.”

“She said, ‘Katrice, I don’t understand why I’m in here.’ My sister’s bond should not be $1 million. It was clearly self-defense,” she said. “I want my sister out of jail.”

Wyche is on her way to Florida to file a complaint with the state attorney’s office demanding that warrants be issued for the people she says went to her sister’s house.

“My sister was like, ‘I’m in my house, get off my property,'” Wyche said.

She also wants Brooks to be held accountable for knowingly putting her unborn child into jeopardy by allegedly instigating the fight.

The incident stemmed from an argument over the Facebook the previous evening.

Damn shame… This is the kind of story that can only make us shake our heads. What kind of ignorant Facebook fight results in this???


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