One-Time Pull Heat on NFL Player Rushing to Hospital Because of Mother Dying

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Ryan  Moats was rushing to the hospital to assist his dying mother in-law. Dallas police drew down on him and his family, then detained the family for fifteen minutes outside of the damn hospital while their moms passed away:

As a storm of outrage gathered over his department, Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle called a news conference Thursday to apologize for the behavior of an officer who detained a distressed family outside a hospital emergency room.Kunkle said Officer Robert Powell had been placed on paid administrative leave…… in connection with the incident last week, in which he stopped a family rushing to visit a dying mother, keeping them for 13 minutes to write a traffic ticket. The woman died before two of the family members were able to see her. “I am embarrassed and disappointed by the behavior of one of our police officers,” the chief told a packed audience of media outlets that included Inside Edition. “His behavior, in my opinion, did not exhibit the common sense, discretion, the compassion that we expect our officers to exhibit.” During the traffic stop, caught on the officer’s in-car camera, Powell berated the driver, 26-year-old NFL running back Ryan Moats, and threatened him with arrest for running a traffic light.

And people wonder how these “accidental shootings” keep happening? We smell a lawsuit. SMH

Watch the actual video of the incident here.

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  • pm

    I saw this on the news.. thank God for those Cameras

  • Re

    Damn you’re a fast little monkey aren’t you?

  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society (Sick of Jive Turkeys, Chumps, Suckas, Malarky, Buffoonery, Tomfoolery and Shenanigans!)

    ha? is this topic funny legend?

    on topic: dang thats boguz. po-po be buggin out.

  • Re

    Oh my goodness…this is sad…

    Thank GOD for camera’s…really.

  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society (Sick of Jive Turkeys, Chumps, Suckas, Malarky, Buffoonery, Tomfoolery and Shenanigans!)

    monkey? 😯

    my tummy hurts on a Friday. That sux

  • Re

    Wait, did they state they were rushing to the hospital?

  • OneStep

    Yep, everyone is in an outrage here in Dallas. I am just glad that Moats and his family didn’t act a fool, they kept their composure under extreme circumstances.

    Shout out to the hosptial security guard and nurse that came out of the hospital and tried to tell dumbass Officer Powell that Moats’ mother-in-law was indeed dying and confirmed Moats’ story.

  • ThAtLaDy22


  • Re


    I agree…what a STRESSFUL (for lack of a better word) circumstance and yet they still managed to respectful…

  • lovelyazzlocks

    This is truly a mis-use of a police badge. But, 4 those of us from da hood (B-More Careful-Baltimore) this type os sh#@ happens everyday. May God bless this family. I hope his mother-in-law haunts the sh*t out of these officers!

  • Luv-Lee

    Good morneing everyone!!!
    Dang this is sad!!!!! I seen something like this on T.V. awhile ago with and elderly man rushing his wife the hospital who was having a heart attack and the cop stopped him, seen the woman in distress, and continued to lecture the poor man about speeding. 😦 Ok Im depressed now. Make me laugh somebody!!!!!!!!

  • Berni

    One Time is at it again? Good Lawd!!!!

  • pm

    And what’s with the cop sayin ” I could ruin your life” and takin out his gun.. They really need to give these cops psychological test before they give them a badge, or make them give atleast 20 minority personal references or something.

  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society (Sick of Jive Turkeys, Chumps, Suckas, Malarky, Buffoonery, Tomfoolery and Shenanigans!)

    TGIF! Hey LUV-LEE, you jive turkey

  • sad_situation

    Sad situation man… My prayers go out to the Moat’s family. Wow.

  • Loving Life

    they should file a lawsuit. people don’t ever want to say it but was there some racial sh*t going on.

  • Re

    I don’t think this was a racial issue, although there may have been a racial component involved…

    This guy was over-exercising his authority…

  • Typical

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Luv-Lee

    Good morning Jive Turkey!!! Im getting out of this thread…Im so sad right now!!!

  • Typical

    This was overkill…definitely a racist overtone.

  • Re

    I remember this story where the officer pretty much harrassed the crap out of a white man who was anxious to get his wife to the hospital because she was in labor…and even asked what all that luggage in the back seat was for (her belongings and change of clothes for when she leaves the hospital)…


  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….This is truly f@#ked up….the police better not try to stop me when my wife’s water breaks….’cause I’m cutting trail on the asses….

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    Damn @ Re

    ….Get out of my head!!!….

  • kahmmillion (Extremely Glad its Friday)

    Is it a big deal because he is a football player/have money? If it was a regular person, would it matter? Would it be on the news?

    Yeah, it was terrible what the officer did. Then at the end the officer was telling him that he should have explained to him what was going on, after he repeatedly did for 13 minutes, until a WHITE nurse came out and said that his mother-in-law is not doing well that the officer let him go.

    Even after another officer came and told him what was going on, he wouldn’t let the guy go. SMH

  • Re

    @Colonel Stinkmeaner

    Lol, sorry. Light morning…but this story is disturbing, but not surprising. They’re so over the top. I live near a police station, and cops go through this back ally that I take to go to work…so I stopped the car to mail a bill (the officer coming down sees me next the the box with mail in my hand) and shines the BRIGHTEST light known to man in my face and says, “is everything alright over here?”

    It will be when you take that light down. So extra.

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