Toni Braxton Impersonator Asking For Your Help

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The Toni Braxton impersonator we reported on a while back, Trina Johnson, is pleading for your help with her legal woes:

A rep for celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn who was arrested in Suriname and charged with fraud for performing as Toni Braxton, has released a statement saying her client has been held “under corrupt conditions” since early March. Publicist  Billie Jordan said Johnson-Finn’s proof of innocence “was clearly established.” In accordance with the law, U.S. booking agency RNRH Entertainment employed Johnson to impersonate Braxton, according to Jeter. Johnson-Finn states: “I am completely innocent. I was hired to do a tribute imitation act for a birthday celebration.”…

The entertainer said she was told that everyone knew she was a celebrity look-a-like. Event contracts, business licenses and a number of email transmissions support Johnson-Finn’s innocence, Jeter says. As previously reported, Johnson-Finn was attacked with flying objects by angry fans who thought they were getting the real Toni Braxton. According to Jeter, Angel Ventura of Events 4 Suriname – a Paramaribo, Suriname company – promoted the event to the Surinamese people as a Toni Braxton Concert. Ventura contracted Johnson through RNRH Entertainment. “I am appalled by Angel Ventura and his companions and I feel bad for the people of Suriname who were also deceived,” said Johnson. Ventura vanished after the show began, apparently with all the proceeds from more than 2,000 ticket sales, leaving Johnson and husband Raymond Finn accused unjustly.

“My wife is a victim, she had no intention of deceiving anyone, she had no involvement in promoting or advertising the event, and she received none of the proceeds of the event,” said Finn. Finn is fighting to secure his wife’s release. Although she is innocent, Johnson could be held for three years. Johnson’s family and friends have appealed for help from Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Shelley Berkeley as well as other top U.S. officials, publicist Jordan stated.

This is a lesson to all you fakes out there. Get your own gig. WAM


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  • Re


  • Re

    Is that the impersonator above?

  • Re


    Lol, I’m a vet…just trying to enjoy my younger days when I was 1st.

    So, did you give up on the Hall of Fame?

  • Re

    Oh, and I agree…the woman above looks more like Jackie-O.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    She looks nothing like Toni.

  • BE

    ….what she need our helpfor?

  • Re

    @I am Legend

    I am disappointed beyond belief. Go my child. Leave my sight.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….she look more like Wanita who be selling them Chinchilla rugs in the swap meet….

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    I am disappointed beyond belief. Go my child. Leave my sight.
    ….damn….infinite dismissal….

  • BE

    ….she look more like Wanita who be selling them Chinchilla rugs in the swap meet….

    Colonel you are crazy!!

    Hey Colonel – 😉

  • liladge

    thats a shame because i believe her.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


  • charlieblanko

    WAM=What a Mess

  • BE

    Zumba’s good – class tomorrow…hang over be damn!

  • zooklady

    My step brother is in Suriname Guyana and the jails their are horrific, that’s a shame the promoters got away with the money and she have to fight the system over their , Do you know the “system” in Guyana is to get money out of Americans she has no chance I hope she is still not in jail when I visit their in October , Americans have no chance there

  • liyah

    If yall think that chick look anything like toni braxton, yall need to take yall asses to the eye doctor, cuz…..naw i aint seeing it.

  • I destroy WIGS..Beyonce watch out!

    Beyonce take note.

    Stop stealing shit.

  • hope4more

    Some people do get caught up in schemes of others. Had cousin that went oversees to perform and they took her passport. She got the hell out of there with American embassy help. Maybe they can help this lady too. Americans get the hell beat out of them in other countries. Next time you will know , you ain’t in Las Vegas.

  • Suriname born and raised

    oo and “zooklady”…………Suriname is NOT Guyana.
    Guyana is known as the ghetto of South-america.
    If this happened in Guyana,this woman would be “missing”.
    Get you damn facts straight….just google Suriname and Guyana and you will find that it is NOT the same place. Ignorance still runs rampant I see

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    She needs to take cues fromt eh Elvis Impersonators. Stay in Vegas

  • MEA

    That’s what his azz gets for going to another country trying to get over.

    I bet those people didn’t pay an impersonator rate.

  • sweet_lies

    i wish some of you would stop acting like surinam and guyana are the same thing… if you must call it DUTCH guyana, cause that’s what it is.

    ANYwho, why isn’t the U.S. government doing something about this??? they love to ger involved in saving drug-trafficking weffas in south-east asia!

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    THIS is the impersonator?? Awww, shit. You’d have to be a fool to think this is Toni Braxton.

  • idunno

    She doesn’t look anything like Toni Braxton. I can’t see how her intention would have been to fool people. Maybe she can sing like Toni, which is why I guess she’s an impersonator.

  • idunno

    @ Ms. Littlejohn

    My peoples are Littlejohns. What you know about Gaffney South Cackalacky?

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