How Much Remorse is Enough for Michael Vick???

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The NFL’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, isn’t letting Michael Vick out of the doghouse that easy. There’s some tough sledding ahead if he wants to earn a living in the league again:

Michael Vick, in the final stages of serving a 23-month sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, will apparently have to pass another standard before he is cleared to return to the NFL. He must show remorse.

That’s the opinion of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended Vick indefinitely in August 2007 after the Atlanta Falcons quarterback pled guilty and who will eventually rule if Vick applies for reinstatement after his July 20 release date.

“I’m not going to make a judgment until I know all the facts on Michael Vick,” Goodell said Wednesday, as the league wrapped up its annual meetings. “I think it’s clear he’s paid a price, but to a large extent he’s going to have to demonstrate to the larger community — not just to the NFL community and to me — that he has remorse for what he did and that he recognizes mistakes that he made.

“Everyone makes mistakes, but he has to show that genuine remorse in his ability to be a positive influence to correct the things that he did wrong publicly.”

Goodell did not specify how Vick must show remorse, and said he is unsure of how he will weigh various factors. On Wednesday, Vick was in transit from a Leavenworth, Kan., federal prison to an unknown facility closer to Newport News, Va., where he will testify in an April 2 bankruptcy hearing.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor filed complaints in federal district and bankruptcy courts alleging that Vick illegally withdrew $1.3 million from a pension plan to help pay for restitution ordered as part of his conviction — allegations that add complexity to his future.

Goodell acknowledged that Vick, suspended roughly four months before beginning his prison term, has been partially disciplined. But he gave no hint on how much of a bearing that might have on potential reinstatement.

Asked if Vick will be reinstated for the 2009 season, Goodell said: “I haven’t sat down and looked at his case. I haven’t met with him. I haven’t understood where he is. I’m not going to try to guess.”

The Falcons own Vick’s contract rights, but have ruled out a return and are attempting to trade their erstwhile face of the franchise.

Any takers? Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said that while he is committed to Kyle Orton as his quarterback, he believes Vick deserves a chance to compete for a job.

“I would look at Michael like I look at every other prospect that’s available: He goes back into the pool,” Smith said. “That’s what everyone in society does. Martha Stewart went to prison. She paid her time. Now she’s back in society.

“Mike made a mistake, and he’s paying the price for that mistake. Once you’ve paid your debt to society, you have to say, ‘OK, let’s go on from there.’ “

Michael Vick has shown all the calculated remorse he can possibly show. What more do people want from the man?

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  • Ed Meese's Ghost


  • Carl Winslow

    I hope he learned his lesson!

  • meela

    He served his time, leave the man alone! It would have been easier on him if he had murdered a human

  • pm

    the man did his prison time, what else should he have to do eat dog shit

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    HE will be in SF by 2010

  • Jay

    That dog saying “help me, help me”

  • Molly P.

    He’s seriously damaged. After he gets about 10 years of counseling, we will see. Other than that, put a fork in it.

  • Jay

    @ MRS Rance

    because they replaced him with somebody better

  • Whut??

    He’s gonna have to do a commercial smiling and letting a damn dog lick him in the mouth, like the “other” folks do with their dogs, to show them he has love and remorse.

  • reese615

    @ Jay

    because they replaced him with somebody better

    Riiiight…because no NFL team needs more than one solid quarterback. Gotcha.

  • Jay

    I wouldn’t have him even before all this. He never put in the work to be a great QB. He never put in the off season time to master his craft. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his passes. Last season people talked about how the Falcon receivers “emerged” no they just had somebody who could accurately pass the ball. Vick was a great athlete and got by on that, not a good QB.

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    Duh! It’s been a known fact that we pay a heavier price for our mistakes than our counterparts. (the solution)Put black judges on the bench who have a understanding of our plight. GO VOTE. A friend of mine missed the nomination by 400 votes(how sad) fortunatley he was appointed to the position by the state. Now come election time he has to go through the whole process of being voted into office all over again.

  • Shawne08

    Wow…second chance means little to some. He deserves a second chance at making money the way he knows how. The fans will come around as long as he is good on the field. I thought prison was suppose to be a form of reform. If can’t give people the opportunity to show they have changed, how would you know they changed??? Commissioner, you should know that already!

  • n.o.allday!

    Has this man not done his time. What he did was wrong but he has paid his price according to the courts. Why must we condemn people for life? What if it was us in his shoes? Should we have to pay for it for this long, or could we possibly move on with life and move past the bad decisions we made?

  • The Foosa

    demonstarte waht? Dude just did a bid in the pen, he apologized before he went in, after he went in and had to take a test for PETA…at what point does the punishment stop? Let this man play football, if he so chooses to do so.

  • You Smell Me??

    Ruined his life over some damn dogs. Dogs people! All because we treat them as pets, that excludes them from Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Turkeys? C’mon! People have murdered and got better treatment.

  • GoodKarma4Me

    I want blood! We cannot forgive or ever forget what you did to those poor dogs..I dont give a ish if he lost all his possessions, he put that on himself….dumb ass!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    I will continue to lobby with aspca to keep making him pay for what he did!

  • hey girl

    compassion is okay. you don’t want bad karma remember what goes around comes around the bad you wish for others comes back to YOU

  • hey girl

    that’s for alll the peta people ^^^^

  • GoodKarma4Me

    @ n.o. allday

    Yes, I no I am not perfect, but i sure as hell wil never drown a dog, or strangle any animal or person. Are you serious, you acting like what he did was so trivial.
    And I know some pitbulls are dangerous, but i blame there owners for not providing them with more secure environment, or training. That still doesnt make it ok for them to be treated that harshly.
    So I will make sure that Mick Vick on all ppl like him will pay darely…trust!

  • GoodKarma4Me


  • GoodKarma4Me

    Where in Lousiana jjones??

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Dont know why black ppl so heartless when it comes to animals…jus sicken me

  • jjones

    and the dog fight i went to the dog that lost get shot.

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