Your Weekend Crotch Shot

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ciara performed recently in the UK with her crotch game on full blast. Damn, we thought we could go a whole week without these wide spread limbs images.

We don’t know who has the crotch game on lock, Ciara, Rihanna, Amerie, or Beyonce

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  • help me

    1st – who wants to see my crotch????

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r


  • leave it be

    amy…negative..go nip out for spot of tea and a bag of crisp…

    weside!!!! ‘ello!!!

  • wow

    turns out that pic of beyonce’s crotch was a fake… the real pic of her crotch (fully clothed) is on

    funny how they failed to mention that… its been out for a while now

  • leave it be

    snickers….take a nap for that comment….

  • yes


    i dont understand the flat boots

  • Seasoned

    Sorry to say, but the “real crotch shot” of B’s that’s been re-surfacing everywhere is actually the photoshopped one.

    I’m pretty much a master at the program, and it’s photoshopping on round 2 is definitely noticeable.

    They ain’t slick. lol

    But we still love you BEY!!

  • CubaLinda

    I seriously hope thats not an 8 ball jacket shes wearing… I got a problem with that.

  • binary star

    It looks like she has a box of Kools in there.

  • wow

    so the 2nd pic out is a fake? im soooo confused :/

  • bmore


  • Afrochic

    Rihanna got that crotch shot on lock

  • La. Finest

    WTF?? @ them 1987 beat it, star trek ass boots. Who garage sell she find them at Randy Jackson (the real one)?

  • Swami

    Ciara looks like she’s wearing defective tucking panties. There’s a bulge where there should not be one.

    To the left, to the left – lyrics to the song “Irreplaceable” and directions to Ciara’s scrotum.

    I wonder how Tony Gayo feels now that he’s no longer the lady in Curtis’ life. *homoerotic pause followed by an exhale*

    Well, He-ara may get a ride to the plastic surgeon’s office in that Phantom drop that Curtis bought, seeing as how he’s the first person in the world to get his hands on one. I wonder how much a castration and penis tuck cost (not that I can have one)? Probably a lot less than a $417k drop!

    Lol @ Leave It Be. Amy’s sucking on a fag, which is why she doesn’t eat crisps or anything else for that matter.

  • Swami

    Bmore, why advertise that you have a mistletoe belt BUCKLE (hooked on spelling worked for me!) when you know your rabbi’s hand slipped during your bris? smh

  • John


  • Hi, my name is_

    them boots are hot.but look how 50 gotta in shorts and legs…..

  • Mahogany

    I see the pic and I think of the Hellraiser movies.

    Gee, I wonder why.


  • Ms. Sugar Walls


  • Macon

    No African American home should be without the book called, WHAT MAKES THE GREAT GREAT, by Black writer, Dennis P. Kimbro, Ph.D. Pick it up for yourself and a friend this xmas because it will change the way you think about America and your place in it.

  • The guy they call Red

    suprisingly enough all the first 3’s crotch’s look a LOT less traffic’d than bey’s does. i bet jay got her hang’n…..sooooo sad

  • Diva

    Why do you Ciara stans keep bringing up Rihanna? The topic was who owns it Bey, Amerie, or Ciara? Why were some of you so quick to mention Rih? Does she make you all nervous? lol.

    On a side note Rihanna got good reviews in the UK now I can’t speak on what Ciara fans are posting on her forums but the UK press gave Rihanna good reviews.

  • Lik_Wid_Cherry

    i love…’Snickers’

    ok d*mn the crotch!!!! whassup wit those ol ‘Gap Band’ ‘Back to the Future’ ass boots????


    ROTFLMAO!! I think the boots are kinda fly..don’t know what I would wear them with, thou.

    The guy they call Red

    suprisingly enough all the first 3’s crotch’s look a LOT less traffic’d than bey’s does. i bet jay got her hang’n…..sooooo sad


    Well, Beyonce has been in a LTR with Jay-Z for how long?? 3, 4 years? And from what Superhead said, Jay was packin’ so I guess Beyonce’s crotch would look well lived

  • Unkle Kracka

    @ merry j blyge

    “The only time my legs are in the position is when I’m inserting a tampon or when I’m washing my cooch in the morning.”

    Heh, heh i guess thats why kunta looks so mad all the time, cuz he aint gettin none, heh, heh

  • Bronx Brawler

    @Mary J don’t forget to mention when my dude Nas was in it.

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